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Splatoon 2: How did your expectations compare to reality? (poll)

Discussion in 'Regular Discussion' started by Drew Sebastino, Oct 11, 2017.


What is your opinion of Splatoon 2 now versus leading up to release?

  1. Worse than expected

  2. Roughly the same

  3. Better than expected

  1. Drew Sebastino

    Drew Sebastino Inkling Commander

    Aug 9, 2017
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    Splatoon 2 has been out for a while now, and I think opinions have started to settle, so I thought I'd finally ask the question of what are peoples' opinions about the game now versus their opinions leading up to release? I never thought to ask this before because I thought the result would largely be positive until Elecmaw listed several of the same grievances that I have with Splatoon 2 in another thread.

    Basically, I want to see if I'm not a weirdo. :p Splatoon 2 is still a good game, but I can't actually say I prefer it over Splatoon 1 for any reason other than it is being supported, which is something I never would have imagined upon seeing the first real reveal trailer in January. I believe balancing updates and better stage design variety have improved my overall Splatoon 2 experience, but these problems should never have existed to the extent they did and there are still many complaints I have with the game that I know very well Nintendo will not fix with updates.
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  2. Dessgeega

    Dessgeega Squid Savior From the Future

    Feb 23, 2016
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    Core gameplay's great. Too bad so much surrounding that gameplay is borked beyond belief. Crazy matchmaking, nonsensical power systems, a tickrate even worse than the first game's, and profound grind for everything. On top of that, there just isn't enough that's NEW here. Jim Sterling gave this game a 7 out of 10, and I'm inclined to agree with him. If the moment-to-moment gameplay wasn't so damn fun I'd probably have checked out by now.
  3. calamaro

    calamaro Inkling Commander

    Aug 4, 2016
    Likes Received:
    I think a lot of the matchmaking issues is that the game is local now. Only so many squids to go around.

    I fell the same as others. The game is fun.
    Just feels like same ole same ole at times. If it was not for Salmon Run my time on this game would be cut in half. I am glad SR is not all the time or I would of wore that out by now I think.
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  4. Padre

    Padre Pro Squid

    Jul 24, 2017
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    Better, much better for me.
    Before release I thought about skipping Splatoon 2 and get ARMS instead. Splatoon 2 looked like the first one. Now: The game is really good, it has downsides but it has already payed itself back, and I am not done yet.
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  5. J'Wiz

    J'Wiz Inkling Cadet

    Sep 12, 2017
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    It was much better than I expected. Admittedly I haven't played the first game, just watched a few LPs. I was always interested, because I loved the design of the Inklings, but I didn't want to buy a WiiU.

    Then the Switch came out, I was interested enough in the Switch to get it, and Splatoon 2. Admittedly I wanted a port of the original, but then veterans would have no reason to buy the Switch version.

    I had my worries, since I've never really had good expectations with playing with others. However, I just absolutely loved the gameplay and atmosphere. The game is still a great cause of frustration, but what can you expect when playing against others? I ended up liking the game enough to actually want to be considered a "good" player. It's still my goal, which is why I actively looked for a community to discuss the game with.
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  6. AllToonedUp

    AllToonedUp Inkling Cadet

    Aug 31, 2016
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    It's better than what I expected because I was almost afraid it would basically be "Splatoon 1.5". But i'm happy with many of the changes such as getting rid of Damage Up/Defense Up, readjusting the weapons and other activities to do such as Salmon Run. I'd give it an 7.5/10 for now but I think the game will be even better as updates come by.
  7. MindWanderer

    MindWanderer Inkling Commander

    Apr 19, 2016
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    Switch Friend Code:
    It's mostly an improvement over the first game, which is exactly what I expected. And the frequent balance patches to dial things in are extremely welcome (although some of the trial-and-error ups and downs, like with Baller, are a little annoying). There's still room for improvement, especially with matchmaking, and I'm frustrated at the slow trickle of re-releasing old weapons, but mostly I'm satisfied.
  8. Mr. Squiggly Squid

    Mr. Squiggly Squid Inkling Commander

    Oct 10, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Definitely better than I thought. When I first saw it I thought it looked completely identical to the first game, glad to say that isn't the case. Plus, the second one has Marina, it's pretty hard to top Marina.
  9. Hero of Lime

    Hero of Lime Inkling Fleet Admiral

    Sep 26, 2015
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    Switch Friend Code:
    I think better than expected overall. It has a few bumps in the road here and there, with some questionable decisions, like balance issues and matchmaking, the latter of which was a problem with the first game too. However, the game is more refined and polished, and despite the change in maps leading to an overall more aggressive player base which I'm not a fan of, it means long range weapons are not the be all end all of the meta like the first game. I feel more weapons are viable this time around, I like the implementation of most of the specials, even if a few had to be nerfed or buffed to make the game much better in some regards. Salmon Run was one of the best things added to the game, giving people a cooperative mode like this helps give the game a sense of having a mode for anyone.

    So far the game already feels so much different than it did at launch. I like to imagine 6 months from now its vibes will be even more different, and hopefully the game will have become even more balanced and the game can provide better matchmaking somehow.

    The single player I will say was the biggest disappointment in some ways. Having more weapons usable was fantastic, but the stages felt like more fleshed out versions of the first game's single player, and the story and sunken scrolls (the former was really hyped up by pre release promotional material) fell flat for the most part.
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  10. Mr. Squiggly Squid

    Mr. Squiggly Squid Inkling Commander

    Oct 10, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Yeah, I do wish the single player had a deeper plot. Like maybe instead of being hypnotized, Callie was actually so angry with Marie form winning the final Splatfest that she felt Inkopolis didn't want her anymore, so she purposely sided with the octarians to get revenge, except Marie just thought she disappeared.
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  11. Flopps

    Flopps Inkling Commander

    Aug 31, 2017
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    Switch Friend Code:
    It was mostly the same for me, but maybe that's because I already set high standards. The parts that were different were that I thought Dualies would be OP [they are now :mad: ], and I thought that all the old Splatoon 1 weapons would be at launch.
  12. iced potato

    iced potato Senior Squid

    Sep 23, 2017
    Likes Received:
    I don't know. Somewhere between roughly the same and worse than expected?

    There are some things better and some things worse. I guess I'm just not a fan of most of Spla2n's stage designs, specials and I find people aren't as chill compared to Splat1. There just seems to be a lot of over-aggressive players that kill the joy in playing for me.

    I also don't really like the matchmaking. I wish there was an option to choose regional or world wide. I have an Oceania copy of the game and 75% of the time I face Japanese players and when Japan has a Splatfest on, it just takes too long for the game to find 8 players. Either I join friends in Europe or America, or I don't get to play much.

    Besides those things mentioned, everything else is better than Splat1. I haven't been playing a lot recently, I'm just waiting for a major update to come out. I want new gear, weapons, stages and modes.
  13. Elecmaw

    Elecmaw Lord of the Squids

    Aug 15, 2015
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    Switch Friend Code:
    Hey that's my name!

    All in all, it was worse, but i think worse would be a little bit too much. "A tad dissapointing" would be way better. I know it's easy to get caught up with nostalgia when comparing sequels and the original game, but there are some pretty big shortcomings this game has. In all my opinion, of course.

    There are things that this game does way better over it's predecessor, the most strongest point being Spyke and rolling subs. Gone are the days of re-rolling for hours just to get brand-biased subs, now with both boosters and ability chunks you can practically get pures of any gear you want with some grinding. You can also now get even different main abilities, meaning you can have some say in how your squid looks in battle. No more of having every charger main wear the Cyan Trainers + Anchor Sweats + Tennis Headband, now you can be as fashionable as you want.

    One thing that i also think got improved a lot is the sound design. Try firing some weapons in S1 and then in S2, in S2 they do really feel like guns that fire goopy fluids. It's something that is easily overlooked, but it still stands out for me regardless.

    Now, for the bad:

    I think the specials are one of the biggest problems i have with it, from a design standpoint. They don't feel powerful. They don't change the course of the battle like S1's specials did, where a Kraken could pop 2 teammates and even an entire team if the enemy is foolish enough. Broken? Depends on how you see it, the enemy could do the same. You could argue that it gave one teammate too much influence.

    In Splatoon 2, specials feel more like tools to help you win the battle. Ink Storm is thrown, place will get hard for the enemy team to pull through. Get to someone close and then Splashdown. It's a lot more utilitarian than the first game. It works better for tournament/team play settings but it makes it miss that sense of chaos that the first game had, where you really felt like you could play hero.

    There's also the matchmaking, something that really should be a minor complaint but it isn't. Level 6 players get to join level 50 people in Turf War, and they end about as well as you expect. It's unfair, and i can't really imagine it'll encourage newbies to keep playing to become good when they keep getting stomped round after round. And for the other people who get hung up with a G&K player, good luck, you're gonna need it!

    And despite this game's regional matchmaking, i still find lag everywhere. Ballers explode after the special ended. A long-splatted player somehow is still able to throw bombs. People run out of spawn before the game begins. An inkling can materialize ink several feet in from of them. The infamous 16Hz tickrate isn't going to make things better, either.

    I could probably fill up entire pages full with ranting, but I'll do my best to keep the remaining stuff short: Salmon Run is a lot of wasted potential and is now just an occasional grind, new weapons and classes added are also wasted potential, new ranked system is bad, story mode and lore being overall pretty disappointing, the new stage designs need a lot more variety, and no more squid jump.
    I hold a different opinion than the most of the people in this thread and it feels like they made just about everything slightly worse this time around.

    I ultimately felt like they tried to make it both appeal to casual and pro players, but ultimately they didn't succeed at both. Or it just got rushed, that could be it too.
    #13 Elecmaw, Oct 13, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2017
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  14. Flareth

    Flareth Inkling Fleet Admiral

    Nov 3, 2015
    Likes Received:
    lmfao its ****in horrible y wud any1 play this trash lol nintendo never lerns

    Nah, it's like it is with anything. Not every change they made was gonna sit right with me (the Quick Respawn nerf and removal of some of my favorite gear come to mind), and not all of the new stuff is anything special (Brellas are trash, grinding for abilities is kinda meh). Plus I'm not really a fan of how kill-centric the game is compared to Splatoon 1 (though that could be me misremembering things).

    But, on the whole, I still feel the game's a lot more enjoyable than its predecessor. Not having to worry about being at a severe disadvantage by not wearing the exact same shoes all the time certainly helps, but there's also stuff like Distruptor/Bubbler/Damage Up cheese being removed that also betters the experience. And of course there's the little things, like being able to get perfect gear without relying on SplatHax, and character customization beyond eye color and... gender.

    All in all, I'd say it's about what I expected, if not slightly better.
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  15. RespawningJesus

    RespawningJesus I am a leaf on the wind - watch how I soar.

    Dec 15, 2011
    Likes Received:
    The game definitely improves on most of my issues with the first game. Took out and revamped a lot of the problematic specials, made matchmaking more stricter for less laggy matches, and added a whole lot more content.

    Unfortunately Splatoon 2 didn't learn from all of their mistakes, such as the lack of dedicated servers, and just got worse in other cases, such as the tick rate. I can forgive the game for also feeling like 1.5 since the previous game was on the Wii U, so probably not enough people got to experience the original.

    Overall, pretty satisfied with the final product, but I still think it was a bit too early to release Splatoon 2. Probably should have waited at least a year after the Switch's launch so that more Switches would have been sold, which equals a bigger playerbase.
  16. shudder

    shudder Senior Squid

    Aug 14, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Tough one, Splatoon 1 felt a lot more fresh obviously, but I'm still having a blast with 2.

    What the first game does better
    - Ranking system
    - WW lobby (this made the game feel a lot more active than 2, a pretty big change)
    - No controller latency (currently still an issue with the sequel)

    What the sequel does better
    - Specials (this is really arguable obviously, although I find the specials more interesting and team dependent, which for me is better since the game is a team game, should be focused more on that rather than individual play)
    - League is a nice touch with leaderboards
    - Splatnet allows stat tracking to a point, more gear options
    - Salmon Run
    - Shorter rotation times
    - LAN option

    Things like maps and music are really subjective, with returning maps from 1 it's arguable 2 already has the edge or will have the edge in that department. Music to me is great in both games.

    Weapons seem more imbalanced currently in 2, hopefully more updates will continue to make things seem more even. Brella, for example, was recently buffed and seems like a viable weapon now.

    My biggest issue is the biggest issue I had with 1. The online stinks. Even with regional matchmaking I see no difference, just less players now available to play against now, if anything it feels worse at times. My moment of truth with the game and other Nintendo online games will be to see if anything is done when paid online starts in 2018.
  17. chubbypickle

    chubbypickle Inkling Cadet

    Sep 21, 2015
    Likes Received:
    better just for 1 reason only salmon run.................. so awesome to have an option to play something if a map i don't like and for me rainmaker is on lol
  18. Danku

    Danku Inkling Commander

    Jul 18, 2017
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    Switch Friend Code:
    If the game's tickrate was SERIOUSLY increased, queue times weren't so long, and the maps weren't designed to promote a cancerous hyper aggressive playerbase, it'd blow my expectations out of the water, and then some. As of now, I adore it to death (played about 400 hours), but sometimes the bad really gets to you. Hits not registering, some of my favorite weapons feeling AWFUL, long queue times for Turf War, overaggressive playerbase encouraged by the confrontational and high visibility map design, and low tickrate are Splatoon 2's biggest issues. Good thing the core gameplay is so much fun, heh. For the Splatfest Power and League Power, and the new ranking system being too easy to level up with, I can't comment on those as I prefer Turf War by margins.

    Honestly, I think we need to take off the rose-tinted glasses for a second and realize what a mess of balancing issues Splatoon 1 was. Splatoon 1 has a lot of flaws too. Both games have flaws, albeit different ones. I don't think it's fair to give Splatoon 1 a free pass for being new and having novelty at the time to excuse it's fair amount of issues. Damage Up, Defense Up, Quick Respawn + Stealth Jump, Dynamo Roller's kill range at times, Chargers getting their own dedicated sniping perches, broken specials, etc.

    tl;dr i love splatoon 1 and 2, both have issues, splatoon 2 met my expectations, all that.
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  19. IHaveAToaster

    IHaveAToaster Pro Squid

    Aug 14, 2017
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    Switch Friend Code:
    They improved the game in some aspects and naffed it up in other ways. It's more or less how I expected the sequel of a game as unique as Splatoon to turn out.

    I do agree with RespawningJesus that the game was released a bit too early, however.
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  20. EarlyCuyler

    EarlyCuyler Semi-Pro Squid

    Jun 5, 2015
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    Switch Friend Code:
    You guys seem to forget how abysmally bad the Splatoon 2 story is...Its the same as the first game..almost exactly.
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  21. AA Battery

    AA Battery Inkster Jr.

    Aug 1, 2017
    Likes Received:
    In my opinion, Splatoon 2 is a major improvement over its predecessor, at least from my experience. For one, I don’t get disconnected nearly as often as I do in the first game. Also, you don’t lose points for losing a match in which one of your players disconnect. These two changes are really all I’ve ever wanted (flashback to the time I played a 1v1 Charger vs. Charger Turf War ^.^’). There are still flaws with 2, such as the aforementioned new Rank system and the tickrate. I didn’t mind the former, probably because I’m pretty bad at the game (or at videogames in general, haha), and my experience with the first game’s online was completely overshadowed by disconnections and exchanging-splats from all the lag (splatting someone while getting splatted yourself), so while a lower tickrate is disappointing, I still personally prefer Spla2n’s online over 1’s. I don’t know about private servers, but it’d be great to have, especially with the upcoming paid online service.

    Gameplay-wise, I’m among those who like the new Specials more, as they feel more technically-viable than mere powerful attacks. The Bubble Blower and Ink Storm are surprisingly powerful specials that can also serve as a deterrent, though don’t impact the entire map. The Inkjet and Baller are also quite powerful, as well as aggressive, but have clear weaknesses, rewarding you only if you play them well. I like the way the new Specials are balanced, which makes them feel less spontaneous to me (I always get triggered in Splatoon 1 when someone turns the tables on me with a Bubbler or Kraken). The Specials in Splatoon 1 were fun, but they were much simpler. Plus, sometimes I feel that the Inkstrike (which is useful in the least amount of situations) was there just to keep the weapons with better Weapon/Sub combinations from becoming the next Napoleon of weapons.

    For the single-player, I was a bit deflated by Callie’s reason to be missing, but the dialogue’s more entertaining, plus we get to see Marie in a kimono ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

    I also like the sound effects. The sound of ink being flung is strangely satisfying. Personally, I was quite impressed by Splatoon 2, but that’s just my opinion. I do think that we should wait for the game to age a bit before we hand down a verdict, as improvements are being made with every new update. The Stingray is an example of a well-executed gameplay improvement (in my opinion), and I hope my obviously-OP Octobrush does not get nerfed.

    Oh yeah, and no more Damage/Defense Up. I’m sorry, but Damage Up dominated the meta harder than Marie dominated Callie in the last Splatfest (kidding, I love both). Sorry to mobile users for my long opninion post!
    #21 AA Battery, Nov 4, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2017
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  22. KrackHead

    KrackHead Inkling

    Oct 7, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Overall, I am enjoying the game and I feel that it is an improvement over the original. The most irritating thing is that there is not enough players. Wait times are too long and when you want to leave a lobby to play with new players, you still end up with mostly the same players.

    The ranking system leaves something to be desired, but I felt the same way with the original. I am not the best, but I feel that way too often I play with players who were obviously carried through the ranks.

    I think if the player base was bigger, it would solve most of these issues.

    As far as turf wars are concerned, obviously skill and play style is not taken into consideration, so that sucks. But I do like that it is more aggressive.

    I would like to see more maps, but that will come in time. I would also like to see Walleye Warehouse. In fact, I'm surprised it was not one of the first Splatoon maps to be brought back.
    #22 KrackHead, Nov 4, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2017
  23. herrherr

    herrherr Inkling

    May 21, 2015
    Likes Received:
    I’ll be echoing a lot of what has been said here. Overall, I’d say I am enjoying S2 more than I expected because I didn’t think I’d like Salmon Run as much as I do.

    The maps do encourage aggressiveness, but I’m used to this now. If I want to play more casually, there’s Salmon Run.

    Crusty Sean’s role in this game is cool, although I sort of wish the drink tickets increased the chance of rolling the ability you want. The grind is tough.

    Also, personally I have helped keep the game fresh for myself by switching to the heavy splatling as my main this time around, where as I just played with shooters in S1.

    That said, there are some issues for me:
    -I wish there were an option like in Mario Kart where you could choose to join regional or worldwide
    -The updates seem slow to me. I understand they’re probably trying to stretch it out, but at least throw us some new gear here and there or something
    -Speaking of, I miss unlocking special gear as I level up like I could in S1
    -Single player story is not good. I’m not one who needs much of a story, but I feel like they missed an opportunity here. I kept hoping Callie would be a boss battle.
    -Spyke is cooler than Murch :p
  24. Либра

    Либра 「Pavor Nocturnus」

    Mar 16, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Splatoon 2 is more or less better than I expected. I didn't pick up the game before hearing about all the issues the game had (on top of hearing how all my mains got nerfed, one of them beyond recognition) so I went in with the lowest expectations possible. Let's see what I got....

    The "Tech"
    The Tickrate:
    Yes, the infamous tickrate which is lower than in the first game and it shows. I have stopped counting how often I would get splatted by what was just one droplet of ink or one "put"-tick from the Stingray. Sniper duels making you sweat bullets because it's basically just a 50/50 coin toss whose shot gets registered sooner. Or get splatted before even crawling up a wall because the game would show your inkling already on top before you even get there. Yeah, all this, but wait, there's more.

    Seriously Ninty? You actually went ahead and still make the game run on a fragile P2P connection? You have more than enough funds to give us dedicated servers, for the love of Satan, make it happen. I'm done having to deal with even more DCs than in the first game despite that one having used worldwide matchmaking. Yes, I'm not putting in my rose-tinted glasse of nostalgia on. It's a fact. I have experienced so much more DCing happening in the second game that I don't even know what to feel anymore. And that's regional matchmaking only, lol.

    Lack of a second screen:
    Not the end of the world, but boi do I miss just taking a quick glance down instead of having to open and close the map within a second multiple times during the match, disrupting my flow.

    Maps & Modes
    The Maps:
    There was no reason in hell to bring Moray and Port back and yet they went ahead and brought them back. The new maps are a mixed bag, frankly. They favor hyper-aggressive play in turf, are way too open and mid-centered for the most part. Good on Snapper for finally breaking that formula and I'm hoping there's more coming in the future but right now, two of the new stages are already on my most hated list and with Moray and Port back, make that four maps I'm not quite happy about. :x Can't please anyone, I get it, but still....

    The Story:
    The Singleplayer story was abysmal. Not only is it recycling content for a living, the whole idea of brainwashing Callie (and that terrible joke when re-playing the boss-fight) instead of giving her more depth is a complete miss. The boss-battle feels uninspired and boring by comparison and the material you're getting from the scrolls is a joke. And what's with Pearl and Marina anyway? You learn next to nothing about these characters. Marina is an octoling playing idol in inkopolis while we're still fighting Octavio, so what the duck is going on, please tell me?

    It also doesn't help that to unlock each hero weapon you'd have to play each and every stage again. Talk about unnecessary grinds, yo.

    Turf War:
    Where did all the hyper-aggressive Splooshes and Splattershots come from? What happened to the chillaxed nature of Turf? I don't even know who's to blame on this one, but Turf has turned into one stressful bloodbath in S2, not gonna lie. Even at lv 50 in S1 I never felt Turf was by default one giant slaughter deathmatch mode with a side of sal---turfing but rather the other way around. Yes you'd swat someone when you get the chance but now you have so many people go for kills like crazed maniacs, sharkers have become way more common. e_e I still sorta enjoy Turf but not as much as I used to. The chaotic but more relaxed nature of Turf like I had in S1 is gonezo.

    What happened to ranked? I know the old system wasn't perfect but I felt that the skill levels were way more accurate in the first game. I'm getting way too many clueless people in S-Rank who still have no idea how the modes work.... They should've made de-ranking easier, as things are right now, scrubs can easily grind their way up to S+ no problem given enough persistence and that's not good at all, imo. Single queue can either be bearable or just beyond frustrating. You need lots of salt management to keep playing it for more than an hour straight. Oh, and now you have seperate ranks for all modes. Hm, that's probably the only good thing I have to say about the new ranked. I'm still getting punished for having DCs on my team more often than not, so it's something they should work on.

    Decent for the most part. Playing with friends makes plenty of these frustrations bearable and once you quad up, other than the matchmaker doing questionable things at times or not enough people available causing you to face the same team over and over again it's certainly still one of my favorite ways to play the game. Too bad most of my friends are from the US so with college blocking me from playing late in the evening, it's become a tad rarer. Nothing too tragic though. I give league lots of credit for making the game worthwhile.

    Salmon Run:
    One of the game's saving graces, SR is the go-to mode whenever I don't feel like stressing out in PvP and want to try new weapons without worrying about dragging down my team. I feel that it still needs a bit of fresh updates to keep it from growing stale after a while, i.e introduce more all-random-slots and give us a couple new maps to fight for our survival but I gotta say even after weeks and weeks of playing, SR is just fun and there's that. It's sometimes a headscrather on how incompetent a couple profreshionals can be, not knowing how certain waves work but it's really good overall.

    I don't get why regional Splatfests are still a thing, frankly. The last two region-locked Splatfests I played were the worst experience I've had in the game hands-down. I don't know what the issue with matchmaking is but try to win Turf Wars when you end up with power level differences ranging from 200 to 400 points - while you're on the lower half of the deal. Losing streaks that can hold on for 10 matches haven't been uncommon and I can't wait for the next cross-regional Splatfest to happen so I can quad up. Playing this in single queue is the worst experience one can hope for and it's something I'd wish for my mortal enemies to go through.

    Weapons and Specials
    The Specials:
    Are definitely more team-reliant but I can't help but miss the old Specials a lot, especially Ink-Strike. The Tenta-Missiles feel like a weak expy of those. Splashdown has become the new panic button, and so on, and so on. While I'm glad the Lagzooka is gone, most Specials don't feel like Specials anymore, more like additional glorified Subs with a few exceptions. I still don't get why the Stingray can't use Subs while Bomb Rush users can still use their main weapon, but eh..... More or less neutral on them. They're not great, but not the worst either.

    Weapons, Kits:
    Can't help but feel certain long-ranged weapons are getting the short end of the stick here, probably in an attempt to further ensuring they won't make a return to the meta. I'm okay with my Splatterscopes, but sheesh, what happened to the Liter? It's gone from one of the best weapons in the game to absolute trash tier, only the Goo-Tuber is worse than that. Speaking of which, they lose out on so much potential on many corners with weapons in general; the Tenta Brella feeling trash tier, the Brella having needed patches before becoming more viable, same could be said for the Flingza and Clash Blaster. Dualies are a neat idea but feel too much like your average shooter with a side of extra maneuvers, also doesn't help that they feel a little bit like copy+paste right now. Also, R.I.P. Dynamo, former king of rollers, now King of Salt. All in all, when I first started playing S2 my initial impression was that the weapons + subs combinatons felt more random than well-thought-through. I don't know man, it's certainly more colorful than before (maybe) but I'm not a huge fan of the current metas, just glad the Baller meta is gone.

    Thank cod there's Annie and Murch now. No more being forced to wear crappy outfits to get the abilities you want. You can now fully dictate your inkling's look while having a good build and while still a grindfest, being able to use ability Chunks to complete your gear is something I take over Spyke's old scam any day. I don't think save-scumming Snail Rolls has been that healthy for my Wii U either, lol.

    Everything else
    Probably one of the disappointments for me, personally. Still no decent "hair-down" hairstyle for the bois and while we're at it, they could've made everything unisex to begin with. Good thing I can now pick pants to better suit my inkling's outfit but it was still a tad underwhelming. And where's the playable Octolings, Ninty? Stop teasing us with Marina and then give us nothing. D:<

    Quite honestly, with Ninty bringing back old stages they should consider playing old tracks on said stages. I barely remember any of the new background tunes while plenty of the old S1 stage tracks have never stopped being stuck in my head. That's highly subjective of course but if they insist on bringing back some old stuff, they might as well just add the music, right?

    Updates, Level Cap...:
    Coming as slow as the revolving doors in the crappiest Shifty Station layout Marina ever designed, releasing multiple variants before giving us more base weapons to play with. Other than (mostly fugly) Grizz gear, there's only weapons and stages coming out (or, just making a return). Add the fact that we're not unlocking new gear through level ups anymore, and some other minor annoyances like receiving exp tickets after reaching max level, you have next to no incentive of even trying to get to Level 50 other than just happening to get there through playing the game alone... I hope they'll raise the level cap this time around.

    Final words:
    Yeah, I get it, most of it sounds like a neverending rant. :D
    Splatoon 2 is a salt-inducing game like many other online-shooters and has lots of issues waiting to be fixed. It did improve on certain aspects (Most notably customization, gear and how to grind, also SR and League add lots of value) and failed to learn from past mistakes on others. I can't help but feel they tried to appeal to both casuals and "pros" and failed to pull it off. The core gameplay is still lots of fun and joining the misery with friends makes it so much more worthwhile. Trying to get back into Chargers with their shots feeling slower and more likely to miss was lotsa work but I caught myself using a larger variety of weapons this time around, keeping my experience from growing stale very fast. I'm still looking foward to newer updates and see where things go. It has lots of potential ready to be used so let's see what direction Ninty will pick for Sploon2. I for one am hoping that the playerbase won't die out once paid-online is out and that they give us an option to choose whether we want to play regionally or internationally. Also, give us Octolings already, sheesh. If they did that, they would've probably blown me away enough to turn a blind eye to the issues I've ranted about. ;3
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