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Splatoon 2 Regular Discussion- Important Info

Discussion in 'Regular Discussion' started by Mr.HawK, Aug 1, 2017.

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  1. Mr.HawK

    Mr.HawK The Artist

    Apr 23, 2015
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    Hi Everyone, My name is HawK, or as my username depicts, Mr.Hawk.
    I am making this post to welcome new and old users to the splatoon 2 section of our boards. As some of you may or may not have noticed, there has been a lot of new staff members being introduced to our lineup. Some being mods, like myself, who have an important job which is to keep certain sections of this site clean so that we can care for and grow a healthy community here on Squidboards.

    The Splatoon 2 section, meaning the regular discussion and the competitive section is not just mine and other mod's areas to look after, IT'S YOUR AREA as well. So in order to make sure this part of the site stays clean for people just getting into our community we need to be able to establish a healthier environment. In order to do this, and i know this is a lot of work, trust me i'm not a big fan of this myself but...


    Please, for my sake, and for yours, READ THE RULES.

    In the past, the majority of the competitive community used this place in order to relay information, teach other important info, and used it to converse with others across the then growing community. fast forward to today, and almost every one of those people have completely moved away from this place. The reason that is, is because of an oversight on our part. we had the ability to enforce certain rules and we weren't able to help keep this place clean due to that very oversight in our own terms and rules. Now that we have new staff members we will be able to fully attempt to fix the mess we indirectly caused.

    Now... before y'all get too excited for this new change in pace. I do have to make one thing VERY CLEAR. There are a particular set of rules that ALL of you, including us staff must follow. I am going to post a link to that rules section and I expect you all to read it VERY carefully. Just so you dont miss it, the link is HERE

    To give a bit of a run down as to what will happen, if you break certain rules you will receive a warning and will be given points that do various things. Some violations will give you enough points that get you close enough to a ban, some will be very lenient.

    Now. I want to identify a few things that I've personally seen A LOT of and really need to get a point across in order to make sure that us mods dont have to do too much work.


    Please do not put "looking for players" threads in regular or competitive discussion, that's what Squid Locator is for, and also, please do not derail conversations and discussions. That's how we got here in the first place. If any of you see ANYTHING that constitutes as breaking a rule, report it. That's the easiest and fastest way for us to solve an issue.

    The more you guys follow the rules, the less of an incentive us mods have to go on a purge. We really want to keep this site and forums clean and tidy so that new AND old competitive/casual players can find a home here. I can say on behalf of the other staff members that this site is very important for us, and you guys are an amazing part of something very important. So thank you for taking the time to read this P.S.A.
    Again please read the rules, they're down at the bottom of the page, really easy to follow.

    Please do it ()
    You'll be loved forever

    Thanks guys.

    P.S. We're always watching o_O
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