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Splatoon 3 Think tank

Discussion in 'Regular Discussion' started by Saber, Sep 24, 2019.


What would like to see added to Splatoon 3

  1. New Modes

  2. New weapons

  3. Weapon swapping

  4. New abilities

  5. More Customization

  6. More fresh gear

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Saber

    Saber Inkling Fleet Admiral

    Oct 19, 2015
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    So it been a while since I have played Splatoon 2 and honestly I decided I revitalize this old thread I posted and kinda revamp it a little taking a little more of an objective look at the parts of splatoon 2 that I would like to see changed going foward

    *I had done this before with splatoon 2 think tank and had lots of fun with it so why not get the think tank brewing again?

    Before you get upset this is more or less just a look at what I feel should be improved going

    I love splatoon 2 and honestly it is a great game but there are some areas where I wish that more was added to the game hopefully these can be address in the future

    Salmon Run
    This was such a unique mode to Splatoon and I love having the PvE style battles however they though interesting were repetitive especially since the times the shifts were available were random
    Weapons never changed on that shift, nor did the map, and no new enemies outside of the ones introduced at start ever added to the mod
    My sugggestions

    • Add multiple maps types to each shift making simply put it will help maps and prevent staling the overall gameplay
    • Add more enemies, even vanilla, have slamons with jetpacks that hover around, or ones with various types of weapons, and add more bosses
    • 8 player PvE mode more players larger maps would make this so much more fun to play

    My Dream:
    I would love to see a full on raid event for Splatoon 3, where instead of defending a point, you have to reclaim a point from the Salmonoids or from rouge octolings fighting through waves of enemies in a story sized map to fight a boss at the end

    Game Modes
    Again is already alot at base, however they only added 1 new mode from launch and honestly that mode is really fun and creative and I had wished they would add more to both the ranked and the casual side of splatoon in the future

    My Suggestions:

    • Casual Mode Invisible Ink: you can't see the map at all, instead you have to paint and gradually fill in an invisible map, would be played similar to turf wars but with an extra touch to make it unique
    • Custom stage builder: let us have a shot at making our own stage with some of the resources already in game it would allow for the artistic side of splatoon to come to the forefront or at least make some interesting scenarios
    My Dream
    • Classic Arena mode: have a group of mobs go from a spawner and attack turrents along the map, players must destroy the turrents and the enemy spawner to win
    • Boss rush mode Inkling must compete to see who can take out the most salmonids bosses, defeating them and taking the eggs to a basket similar to Salmon Run however enemies can steal eggs from your basket as well
    Lastly I have mentioned this in the past but I want a weapon swapping mechanic in Splatoon 3 where players can swap weapons mid battle to change up their playstyle I feel it would add so much more to the game having this in
    Like imagine being a charger who can switch to an inkbrush to repositon or support their team in map control, or blaster who can switch to a brella based weapon to better support an objective
    Would it be balanced, possibly not but it could add so much to the entertainment value and strategy of the game and honestly I would love that
    #1 Saber, Sep 24, 2019
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2019
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  2. Cephalobro

    Cephalobro Inkling Fleet Admiral

    May 1, 2018
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    I'm gonna keep mentioning this until it spreads around to the point where developers at least think about implementing it: Lobby-exclusive companions, I have mentioned examples and this could be the next step for the lore of Splatoon to make the lobby that much more varied in what sea creatures you find. Octarian companions like Octotroopers, Octocopters, etc. could be unlocked after the main story mode while the more basic ones like sea turtles, fish and anemones could be available from the start. My lore-related reason is that participants of ink battles are starting to obtain popularity themselves because everyone wants to be friends with them. My idea is that they would follow the player character around the lobby and they would appear following Inklings/Octolings of players who chose to have one following them.

    My idea for a special Salmon Run would be an 8-player Salmon Run where players can pick a weapon and upgrade it for that session by using Power Eggs, players can acquire help from a few Octarians by placing them in the stage. This could effectively be used to keep crucial points more or less clear from common Salmonids.
    #2 Cephalobro, Sep 24, 2019
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2019
    Saber likes this.
  3. banyochan

    banyochan Inkling

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    Switch Friend Code:
    Being able to have multiple load-outs (and sets specific to each mode) would make switching gear much smoother. Also, being able to change weapons when respawning would make battles more dynamic. Being able to change your dominant hand to replace right side with left side peeking would add more variables to combat.

    Also, I hope they give up on voice chat for good, as S2's official voice chat feature (and the idea of a smartphone app with exclusive features) is just dumb. The way it's implemented right now is an embarrassment, and they would be better off not trying in the first place. I'd also love to see less loading screens when moving to things like equip menu and out of it, a way to skip Off the Hook (which feels like a punishment for quitting out of S2 or staying in Inkopolis square during a rotation change), and a quick way to check current locations and browse information after a match. A minigame playable when waiting for a match would also be nice, as sometimes it can take minutes to get a full team. I'd also love to have a way to send friend requests from the game, as Nintendo's online services are notoriously clunky, and seeing drawings of friend codes is just sad.

    Don't even get me started about the idea of keeping things like user rank in a save file that can't be backed up, Nintendo is asking for trouble with this one, and it's the second time they did it. I hope the third time is the charm.

    Also, with Switch being a portable system, a way to toggle between analog and motion controls on the fly should be a must, as right now changing these settings is clunky, and I can imagine people getting annoyed because they get in a car which renders motion controls useless, even if they're objectively superior. More options for tweaking controls would be also welcome (clicking right stick for special is simply insane, and it's easy to do it accidentally when using Joycons).

    Also, fleshing out offline functionality would be great. Proper battles against a team of Octarian bots, and being able to play Salmon Run solo (which would make it a lot harder, as dying results in a crew wipe) would make a lot of sense with a mobile system.

    I also wish performance targets were sane outside of actual gameplay. Targeting 60 FPS in shops and everything but Inkopolis Square makes little sense, as the visual quality drop is significant, and gets in the way of checking out how gear you're buying looks like.
  4. Cephalobro

    Cephalobro Inkling Fleet Admiral

    May 1, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Servers should be the priority when making Splatoon 3's multiplayer, it's unbelievable how many times I have seen laggy players getting artificial advantages in many matches I have played. I know servers cost money, but I think that they should prioritize saving their new franchise from getting bad reputations about the multiplayer part of it. That and have a way to permaban game throwers because those are the worst kind of people I see in Splatoon 2.
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  5. calamaro

    calamaro Inkling Fleet Admiral

    Aug 4, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Just show me what my gear and ability slots are doing to my squid.
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