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SplatoonJP Reveals New Ability Mechanics for Splatoon 2!

Early this morning, the Japanese Splatoon Twitter (@SplatoonJP) unveiled the new gear mechanics for Splatoon 2. Reinventing the gear abilities system in Splatoon 2 so that players don't have to rely on random chance to get their desired abilities is at the top of many squids' wish lists for changes in Splatoon 2. It seems that the Splatoon Dev Team has once again delivered a change that will make everyone happy.

Strange Approach's Rocket (@PG_Rocketek on Twitter) posted a video earlier today summing up what the change brings to the new game. Below is a written summary of the changes and a bit about how this helps competitive Splatoon.
The Changes
From a translation by Tictac (@Thicctac on Twitter) in the Inkademy Discord server, These tweets showed the changes made to the gear system:
1) Spyke still exists, and you can reroll your gear just like in Splatoon 1.
2) A young Spyke-looking kid, known in NA as "Murch," serves as a new option for gear. You can take your gear to Murch to get the sub abilities wiped clean off.
3) These sub abilities, when wiped off, will become gear fragments. Gear fragments are small parts of a gear ability. If you gain enough gear fragments, you can go back to Murch and turn them into a full ability slot on your gear. This is essentially a way to get rid of RNG and rerolling for gear in Splatoon 2.

What Does this Mean for Us?
The Squid Research Lab has Discovered a healthy medium between Spyke's slot machines and simply picking and choosing what abilities you want on your gear for free. You still have to grind a decent amount of hours in order to get the gear we desire so greatly. But you'll never have to feel like you did that one time when you spent 5 hours in solo for cash, rerolled 30 times, and ended up with 2 subs of damage and 1 sub of quick super jump on your Legendary Cap. Having good gear is probably your first necessity to become a competitive Splatoon player. Grinding so many hours for gear and still leaving it up to random chace to get the correct gear was probably a big negative for many looking to play competitive. This change lowers the entry bar to competitive Splatoon and may bring many more entrants to tournaments.

The freedom to dress in style in Splatoon is a defining trait of the franchise. When gear abilities forced us to mismatch Squid Nordics with Sandals on our feet, that freedom was taken away. This change means we can have the abilities we want on our gear, and we can look good while we're doing it too. No more Armor Helmet Replicas paired with Aloha T-Shirts. Post a picture of what you wish your inkling was dressed like below!

Link to the aforementioned Inkademy Discord Server, where all your Splatoon questions can be answered: https://discord.gg/9YYw842


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