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Squid Game in a Game with ACTUAL squids

If There WAS A Squid Game in Splatoon, Who would be in Charge of it?

  • DJ Octavio

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  • Commander TarTar

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  • Whoever is the Main Antagonist of the 3rd game's story mode

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  • Total voters
Oct 12, 2021
Has anyone seen here this video that Modded Splatoon 2 and made an animated Splatoon version of the Squid game trailer?



Pro Squid
Oct 10, 2021
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It's cool. There is another video where this dude hacks Splatoon. He hacks Splatoon and is able to extract the models and even rebuilt the levels.


I'm thinking of hacking Splatoon also because I want to make the birds playable.

It would be cool to fly and he's one of my OCs. His name is Kalamari Keith!

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