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Squidboards Presents A New Contest: Art of the Month!

Art of the Month is a monthly Squidboards community contest in which you submit your original Splatoon artwork based on the theme selected for that month. After the month is over, we'll select a winning submission, which will be featured on our homepage and social media!​

In celebration of Inktober, we're kicking off a brand new project for all you talented squids out there. If you're an artist or aspire to be one, this is for you!​

October 2017
This Month's Theme: Halloween / Fall

For this month's contest, create an original piece of Splatoon artwork that has elements of the spookiness of Halloween and/or some Autumn vibes. Stay fresh!

Click here to find out how to enter and for more details on this monthly contest!


This looks awesome...except I'm only just learning to draw well so I'm not gonna be able to do this well...:oops::confused:

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