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Squidboards Update: SQSS November Wrap-Up

Hello everyone! ^_^

Rapture here – Squidboards GM, one of our head admins, and SQSS Head TO/Organizer – back with another SQSS wrap-up.

Since it’s a holiday week/weekend, I’ll keep things brief for you.


We just wrapped up our third Splat Series event this past weekend for Splatoon 2, with another incredible turnout for our event. We had a total of 79 teams registered to play, and after DQs/no-shows, 69 teams actually participated. Not only that, but considering we had a lower number of Free Agent-only teams, we had yet another month of increased turnout from established teams, which is really awesome!

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with how the series has gone so far. We’re seeing familiar faces and teams returning each month, as well as new teams and players testing their competitive mettle in one of the largest competitive series Splatoon 2 has to offer.

Our winner this month was Rising Moon, defeating quantuM in an exciting 4-3 series that went down to the wire! This is our second overall SQSS champion, as the previous two months were taken by Silver Sanction | Saikai, who were unable to participate this month. Maybe they’ll be back next month to dethrone quantuM?

As for the tournament itself – sticking with a round-robin group stage that feeds into a single elimination bracket seems to be working great, especially considering our event is a one-day tournament. We’ll be continuing to run this format as a standard for SQSS.

Although we had more established/pre-made teams participate this month, we had much less Free Agents (solo players) participate than we did last month, for whatever reason that might be. The system is still far from ideal – we’re working with Battlefy to implement better solutions for Free Agents so we don’t have to just group them up into their own teams. Speaking of which, we have a laundry list of things we’re hoping to get Battlefy to work on that will drastically improve how our tournaments are ran on their site. Remains to be seen when, if at all, these changes happen, but we’re doing our best!

Of course, the Discord issues during our event proved to be quite the headache. However, despite the outage, the event ran on schedule almost as if it hadn’t happened, which is great! Still, we’ll be working on a better contingency plan for both staff communications, communicating with all participants, and running the tournament without Discord for next time. We were lucky that the outage was no longer than an hour; we might not get that lucky next time.


Many thanks to: the SQSS staff team, including our new members who were able to lend a hand. This tournament wouldn’t be possible without you; the InkTV team and casters, who put on another fantastic broadcast and are a pleasure to work with; the remaining Squidboards staff who pitch in however and whenever they can; Rising Moon for taking first place and for being our newest SQSS Champions; and all of you, for participating and helping us make this another fun event!

We don’t yet have a date for SQSS December, so please stay tuned for more details when they’re available. Be sure to stay tuned here on Squidboards, on Twitter, and on Discord for updates regarding SQSS December, future content and events, and much more.

See you next time!



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