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Team KoRaL looking for active players


May 29, 2015
Hey guys, my name is Volpey. I am the leader of the squad KoRaL. This squad has it's roots in a real active speedrunning team named KusoRunsLive (hence the name).
Most of our players started playing with Splatoon 2, but we have a few good people that already have experience with Splatoon 1.
Some of our players already achieved S rank and we already did some private battles which were a lot of fun.
Soon we are starting to get into tournaments, that's why it would be great to get some more active players, so we can participate in more tournaments.
If you are interested, leave a response here, maybe with some informations about yourself. Rank, age, experience, location, and maybe more stuff you think would be important (and maybe a way to contact you).
Hope to get some people interested!
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