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Tentacle Malpahs™ Recruiting!!!

Discussion in 'Squid Locator' started by Odd xD™, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. Odd xD™

    Odd xD™ Inkling

    Nov 17, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Hey my fellow Squid Kids, it's the One and Only Odd xD™ and I'm here to Spread very Special News! Well one of my Team Members decided he wanted to start his own Squad and drop out of our Squad Well you know what that means! It means we're looking for one and ONLY ONE Team Mate! Now if you'd like to Join our Squad go ahead and try to join but we're being a bit more stricter on what we're looking for! We're not trying to be sexist but we are mainly looking for an Inkling Boy to join because We have 2 Inkling Girls and I'm the only Inkling Boy Again! And we want to have equal Genders in our Squad! But Inklings can try-out if they like as well! Who knows, if we can't find an Inkling Boy we might get an Inkling Girl instead! So if you'd like to join our Clan you must reach these requirements!


    Must be 13-17 years of age!

    Must be Rank B+-S (S Recommend but no S+'s)

    Must be Download and Use Skype to CALL AND TEXT US!!!

    Must be in these Time Zones: PST, MST, or CST!

    Must be online at least Every Weekend! (Everyday Recommend)

    Needs to be a Well Experienced and Competitive Player!

    Must change Mii's name to: TM|(User Name Here)™

    You Mustn't Multi-Clan (Be in one Clan while being in another Clan) If I find out you are you'll be permanently banned from my Squad!

    If you wanna join my Squad and do the Try-outs...

    Try-Outs Info

    Try-Outs will begin Saturday 11/19/16
    @2:30pm/3:00pm - (To be Determined) PST
    @3:30pm/4:00pm - (To be Determined) MST
    @4:30pm/5:00pm - (To be Determined) CST

    Clan Admiral and Captain Info

    Admiral: TM|Odd xD™

    NNID: Odd7xD

    Level: Level 50

    Rank: S

    Player Style: Supportive, Offensive and Defensive! (Depends how I wanna row)

    Player Type: Expert

    Skype: Odd7xD

    Captain: TM|Babs™

    NNID: diamondsAnDEATH

    Level: 46

    Rank: B

    Player Style: Same as Me

    Player Type: Intermediate

    Skype: live:souleater132001


    Tentacle Malphas™ Recruitment Application: https://goo.gl/forms/wTaLcvTfbdCLeg4I2

    In order to join and do the Splathax you Must I Repeat MUST FILL OUT THE APPLICATION!!!

    Have any Questions? Private Message me or text us through Skype or Message us at our email: tentaclemalphas4592@gmail.com

    Password will be: 7777 for the Private Battle Room.

    Watch my Video of this Recruitment!
    --> [Tentacle Malphas Recruitment Video!|

    And Remember...

    Stay fresh!
  2. Green Waffles

    Green Waffles Inkling Fleet Admiral

    Apr 18, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Welcome to squidboards!

    but um
    you posted this in the wrong sub-forum xP

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