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The Great World-building Potential of Splatoon


Inkling Fleet Admiral
May 1, 2018
Whether we want to admit or not, Splatoon has so much potential for adding lore as well as clarifying the existing lore that we have. Despite the Inklings being around for a few years now, we don't even know how their head tentacles work as I highly doubt those are hair. Despite there being evidence of many other sea creatures existing in large quantities, we never see such aside from Inklings, Octarians, Jellyfish, and Salmonids, but other sea creatures in Splatoon do in fact exist in large quantities. Those two are prime examples of how the world of Splatoon, in general, is still a mystery. Like why did the humans have so much conflict in the past and who intended to melt the entirety of the Antarctic ice and why? Heck, there are scattered mentions in the game of how humans had some sort of effect in modern life in Splatoon, such as the underground domes in which Octarians reside.

You can believe that Splatoon is a multiplayer-focused game, but the potential for worldbuilding simply cannot be ignored, even if you might not want another entry to the series. It's extremely unlikely for Splatoon to just end on its second game anyways since Nintendo found out that it's another gold mine due to the success of the series so far.

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