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The Next Chapter: Splatoon on the Nintendo Switch: First Impressions and Analysis

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by Mr.HawK, Oct 21, 2016.

Mr.HawK, Oct 21, 2016 at 8:21 AM
  1. Mr.HawK

    Mr.HawK The Artist

    Apr 23, 2015
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    Time flies doesn't it? Just over a year ago Splatoon launched on the Wii U in May of 2015. The game itself became an instant hit and was an incredibly popular addition to the Nintendo family even for a fresh new IP. The game opened the door for many new players at home and overseas, as well as new opportunities for artists and content creators. With the Wii U not doing so well and the "previously named NX" just around the corner the stage was set for something new.

    This time, it actually happened. They did it, the absolute madmen. There's a new Splatoon game for the Nintendo Switch.

    Overall Impressions:ability_damage:
    First thing's first, The presentation of the Splatoon section of the reveal trailer was just as exciting as the overall reveal of the Nintendo Switch! In more ways than one it left me optimistic and curious about the direction Nintendo decided to present the game. The reason why I say this is because they decided to go for an eSports theme. Now we know that Splatoon in it's own right is a competitive 3rd person shooter but the game itself lacked certain functions that would have supported an eSports run for the game. This is definitely a nice subtle hint that Nintendo is serious about pushing Splatoon further than before. However, what these "changes" or "additions" are remain to be seen.

    Secondly, the Inklings' new look. Seems like Nintendo did in fact listen to some of the criticisms of the customization features from before. This time around the Inklings now sport fresh new hairstyles as well as a new clothing addition: PANTS! One interesting thing to note is that it seems like some of the gear from the previous game will return as well.

    :ability_bombsniffer: Analysis :ability_bombsniffer:

    Here's where we get to the juicy stuff. Time to see what these small bits and pieces that we've been shown might indicate about the next game.

    The "eSports" Theme
    First off, I want to make one thing clear. I do not, by any means, believe this is a port of the Wii U game. Yes the gameplay looks similar but the designs and overall aesthetics are too different for it to be a port. I'm riding the sequel train.
    Now, as I mentioned before we we given a taste as to what the game looks like in the presentation in the form of an eSports like event. As I've already mentioned in this article Splatoon on Wii U lacked specific functions to be able to support an eSport environment. Two things that come to mind are Hardware and Software functions that were not present in the game due to possible limitations of the console. The first example (software) being Spectator functionality. This is a no-brainer, the community has asked for a spectator mode since the august update went live. If this presentation give us any indication that Nintendo is serious about Splatoon being an eSports title, then a spectator mode should be a guarantee.
    Another thing to note is something that is more centered around the overall price of the system, which is setup costs for locals. Most people are assuming that the price of the console will be around $250-300 USD however there are certain factors here that could also play a part in expenses for LAN events and local tournaments. The overall cost for set ups may not be as strikingly different than the one's at events like SquidStorm:

    (Which can be expensive if you don't have people bringing their own setups, price is also dependent on venue rental, and if you're the only one paying for it, In which case, is insane). Overall Price Range is estimated to be between $3.5K-5K plus venues rental.

    Something to also take into account is even though the Switch is Nintendo's newest console, hardware limitations could still happen meaning certain things people are asking for in the next game might not make it through. As much as I would hate to see that happen, it is a realistic expectation, but I personally think we'll be fine. Don't Panic

    Control Scheme :wst_shot_normal00:

    The Nintendo Switch is not a Dual screen console, it is single screened. For a game like Splatoon that's a pretty big change. This mean's that there wont be a second screen option to view a map. However this also means that some previous in-game functions might either be completely altered of removed entirely. I'm talking about Super jumping to players, beacons, and spawn, where to send an inkstrike, and other things like how much ink is placed on the map in real time. Another thing that is somewhat questionable is whether or not motion controls will be back given the different control schemes involved. It would be likely that they'd return if the "gamepad" like scheme was the only scheme but it probably isn't so it is possible that this new game will have true 1:1 analog control. But again, if the tablet has gyro functionality then we could see otherwise.


    What remains to be seen is how different will the overall controls be in comparison to the first game since the impression given here is that it will be more analog focused and how the button layout will differ from the previous console as well. It's a mystery... for now.

    Customization :head_ncp000::clothes_jkt000::shoes_bot003:

    As I previously mentioned, it seems as though we are going to be getting new customization options in the form of hairstyles, PANTS! , and new weapons based on the (obviousness of this assumption) redesigns of 3 primary weapons (Splattershot, Roller, and Splat Charger). the addition of new clothing options implies that we might be getting a 4th gear set. This New possible gear set would add to the already existing three sets of gear being headgear, clothing, and shoes.
    Now you all know this, but each set of gear has a maximum of three ability slots meaning "if" they are adding this as a new set of gear we would be able to use 16 slots of abilities including 4 primary abilities, new brands, and new abilities, which is definitely a game changer. As I previously mentioned before it seems like gear from the first game will also make a return as well along with the new set of gear too. Interestingly enough, one thing that strikes me odd is that not every inkling is wearing unique sets of pants. To me this seems more of a cosmetic change rather than an actual gear change, but it could also mean that you can now toggle certain gear to be off instead of having all sets on your character. If that were the case that might mean that the normal "Under Armour" like clothing could be a new default gear set that might have no abilities attached to it until you place gear on.

    Straw grasping aside I think the gear system is in for an overhaul

    Visual changes

    I know this is just a preview video and this is likely to change, but I noticed some small visual and overall aesthetic changes/improvements that we could see in the next game. The spawn animations were the first things I noticed. Now when a whole team spawns it seems that depending on the weapon you have your body will position itself in a different pose. I also noticed that the overall spawn platform design looks different as well sporting a black/green color scheme to it (the inklings were green so that's why it's that color too). Now the map that was shown gave me an urchin underpass impression but it also seemed to be much more open and larger compared to some maps we have. It's not a guarantee that the map will stay the same when the game launches, but it is a cool little change.

    Final Note

    The newest look at the next Splatoon game has given players hopeful thoughts and has created a general optimistic feeling about the future of the franchise. Fan's prayers are being answered in the form of new gear and customization options, and possible even more than that like spectator mode ;) (Seriously though this needs to happen)

    But, I am very optimistic that this new game, sequel, port, or whatever will be a nice step in the right direction. We're counting on you Nintendo. Do us proud!
    #1 Mr.HawK, Oct 21, 2016
    Lasted edited by : Oct 28, 2016
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Discussion in 'News & Features' started by Mr.HawK, Oct 21, 2016.

    1. Mr.HawK
      GeneraLight and Agadez like this.
    2. Kbot
      Okay we get it Hawk
    3. Rockenberg
      The only thing that has me nervous is the gyro situation.
      GokuJunior, Lucarii and Ansible like this.
    4. Green Waffles
      Green Waffles
      The lack of gamepad screen has me a bit concerned on top of this.

      Still super hoped tho! =p (playable octolings please!)
    5. Ansible
      Yeah that's nice and all, but they better have some kilt/skirt options in there too. >=[
      Green Waffles likes this.
    6. Lyn
      Those hairstyles are nice. I have to wonder how they will compensate for the lack of map and squid jumping.
      ramencup likes this.
    7. Globin347
      There could easily be a button that toggles a quick map. Rather than tapping on a teammate, you could easily use buttons to navigate between teammates in the "jump" menu (or, just tap them if the console isn't docked)

      You'd have to do it quickly, as you'd be totally vulnerable during the process, and this change would mean jumping out of danger would no longer be possible, but the super jumping could still be done.

      edit: if the quick menu were quick enough, it might be possible to jump out of a hairy situation if you have lightning reflexes.
      Ansible likes this.
    8. Globin347
      Also, the traditional-controller like dock for the joy cons might have gyro. Not a guarantee, but still possible.
    9. Jacend
      I'm glad the community is starting to gain momentum again. I'm just getting back into Splatoon again myself.
      Lucarii, Lyn and Rockenberg like this.
    10. Deleted Member
      Deleted Member
      Inkling vs octoling mode when?
      GeneraLight, Lucarii and ree-ris like this.
    11. Lyn
      I feel that would still hinder the gameplay, behind that a lot of the game doesn't function without the map always there, to know who owns what turf.
      Ansible likes this.
    12. DylanDude
      The loss of gyro controls would be a pretty big one to me. I can't use the analog control to save my life, and seeing as I suck at every other shooter out there, I don't see myself getting better with practice. Please, have gyro controls!
      peat-warrior, Lucarii, Jacend and 2 others like this.
    13. ree-ris
      same here, my aim is horrible. I need conformation!
    14. Squididly
      Honestly that's one of the biggest hype-killers for me about the Switch.
      Nintendo may just be trying to push the "pro" angle by showcasing the "pro"setup being used with the game, and it may not be the only option, but the gyro control is part of the very essence of what makes Splatoon unique, at least to me.
      The loss of them would be a huge disappointment. :/
    15. Efuramu
      For a while, I thought Splatoon was dead and that I would never play it again but with the Nintendo Switch showing this, it has revitalized my interest in playing. Just like everyone, I hope gyro isn't gone because it has been a long time since I actually used analog controls. Gyro controls feel much more natural in my opinion.
    16. RadiantSquid
      I can't be the only one who thinks the inklings in the supposed sequel look ever so slightly taller, right? Or am I just seeing things?

      Anyway, I see Nintendo is really trying to show that the Switch isn't very gimmicky, I just hope that doesn't come at the expense of this game. Splatoon is unique enough for it to retain the "gimmick" of gyro controls.

      It just wouldn't be Splatoon without those controls. It's what makes Splatoon's gameplay so fluid.
    17. SpiralRhapsody
      Pretty sure motion controls are coming back. They have to.

      If the Pro controller is simply being advertised as the alternative to the regular Joycon attachments while being advertised as the go-to controller for this Splatoon entry, then I strongly believe the Pro controller will have some sort of motion capabilities too. Yeah, the Wii U wasn't really the best thing to ever come out of a design room, but its problems were not its motion controls; there's no reason to take out something that isn't a hindrance to begin with.
      Ansible likes this.
    18. Blueskies
      Hey Everybody.

      Maybe this has already been though of. My apologies if so.

      Isn't is possible that you'll be able to connect the Wii U gamepad to the Switch? It's wireless, so there's no need to worry about unnecessary cables (besides the gamepad charger.) This would basically solve the ink strike and super jump problem.

      Also since Splatoon has become a strong title that Nintendo's gonna run with (wouldn't have been in the Switch Trailer otherwise), maybe they'll make a simplified version of the gamepad for the switch that you can use and release it with the new Splatoon? Though I doubt this last point, as it wasn't in the trailer.

      I can see Spl2n having multiple options; Gamepad for those who are used to it. Other options such as the ones discussed previous for those who bought the game with the Switch and don't want to use the gamepad.

      I also don't see Gyro going away. Splatoon has the option to use both. I don't see why Nintendo would suddenly just force the majority of people who play this game to change how they play.

      But hey, it's Nintendo. They've done some stuff before that hasn't worked out (see Wii U). Maybe we're all just doomed and we'll have to play the new game however it comes out.
    19. GokuJunior
      I might be the only person thinking about the Single Player mode and Local MultiPlayer, but I would love an improved 1vs1 dojo (Like turf war, the ranked modes,etc)... however with the lack of 2 screens this will be difficult, It would be nice if the Switch would be compatible with the Wii U GamePad (Ignoring that is not backward compatible with the Wii U Games.)

      And for the single player mode, I would like a training mode, I don't mean the area where you test the weapon that you buy, instead I mean a mode where you can play against the CPU for practising online... but well, those things are just a personal opinion.

      Anyway, I'm fine whatever they do with the game, Nintendo never disappoints me!

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