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Today happens the most surreal thing on my life


Inkster Jr.
May 4, 2023
Picture this: You teaching your old math teacher about Pokemon RNG manipulation, for him to optimize his gambling addiction... So that happens at my job when a colleague comes to me and talks about the "profit" made at a gambling app, and he tries to convey me to join his efforts. My old teacher was in the same room. He decides to join the conversation, and wonders if manipulating the results is possible. I explain that in Pokemon the RNG can be manipulated. He got excited and offered me an invite to make a part of a 16-person group, almost all my colleagues are there, and the group that tries to min-max gamble. I politely decline, and that's it. If one day I go to the HE double hockey sticks, I know exactly what I- did to deserve it.
I don't intend to create news threads about things that happen to me. That was an outlier because I thought it was funny, and it was good practice for my English. I'm not used to talking about things that happen to me outside of my native language, so if something is off, please let me know so I can improve.

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