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Tournament for squid boards

Discussion in 'Clan Wars' started by GreenNyes_117, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. GreenNyes_117

    GreenNyes_117 Inkling

    Oct 8, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Hey i'm starting a tournament for squid board groups and teams only. The winning team is officially the best group/team out of all of squid board. Every match is put on my channel and i give shout outs to every team that participates so u your team/group can get more members. only 4 slots from each team allowed smallest amount of teams 1. To Enter 1 member of your group or team (preferably a Staff Member) Must join this group ( https://squidboards.com/groups/tournament-for-squid-boards.2063/ ) and tell what their team or group is how many slots they want the people's Nintendo user ids in each slot so i can see who is in each slot .The chosen member from the group will have to record it send it to me tell me who won the match if you and the opposing team both tell me that they won those teams will both be kicked out and swaped with teams that have lost (if there has been no teams that have lost and the tournement is full i will let new teams in ). This will start in the next holidays(Christmas holidays term 4 holidays) as some people here are kids who are in school,some people here are uni students or people who have a job who may not have time to do it now. So get your teams ready and get your staff member to join and do the things said above about entering.

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