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[Video] "THE 3 LAWS of Gear Building in Splatoon 3" by Fusion Splatoon


Mar 6, 2023
I found this video in my recommendations a while back:
It's well-made, and I recommend taking the time to give it a watch - if you aren't already a gear building nerd, you'll probably learn something new.

The main thing I've taken away from this video is that the value of each individual slot should be considered when building a set of gear. Running gear of all one ability isn't the worst thing you can do - it's significantly more expensive than running impure gear, sure, but even disregarding the fact that gear builds are a relatively unimportant factor in the outcome of a match compared to things like game knowledge and positioning, there are some situations where pouring absolutely everything into one ability can pay off. However, those situations aren't the norm, and you'd be hard pressed to argue that a <1% boost to your swim speed would be better to have than the ~20% of your special charge you'd save on every death if you ran Special Saver in those three slots instead. Those are the real numbers behind pure swim speed up vs 3 mains 6 subs swim speed up + 3 subs special saver, by the way - I checked them using the sendou.ink gear build analyzer mentioned in this video. I highly recommend this site for planning out your builds. It'll tell you exactly what effects you're getting from all your gear abilities, including weapon-specific things like the effects of Special Power Up or your movement speed after accounting for weight class, and even has a feature for directly comparing builds that makes it way easier to figure out when you should stop stacking and go for a few utility slots.

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