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We're looking for CONTESTANTS to be apart of a Fashion-Based Splatoon Competition!

Discussion in 'Squid Social' started by ekevinn, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. ekevinn

    ekevinn Inkling

    Feb 12, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Hello, SquidBoards! My name is ekevinn. This is my first post around here, and I wanted to let you all know about a little Splatoon Fashion Competition known as the Next Top Cephalopod. NTC is a competitive fashion competition that entails 14 contestants submitting outfits for weekly themed challenges for a chance at winning a $100 Cash Prize! (the money does come from my own pocket, lol)

    A little backstory: I created this competition in August of 2018, with the main platform being on Reddit. We've been through one season already and have grown a fairly considerable community. This March, we are planning on beginning our second season of the competition, and we are looking for contestants to join in to show off their style! If you're interested please read down all the info we have below.


    About the competition

    Next Top Cephalopod is a fashion/style-based competition where 12-14 chosen contestants are to submit looks/outfits created with in-game gear based on a weekly theme that challenges the contestants to bring out their uniqueness and creativity to the table. Contestants have 5 days to submit their outfit through the competition discord with a short description of the outfit’s story/explanation, taken via ingame screenshots. Screenshots of the outfits can be accompanied by drawings if preferred.

    From there, the outfits will be showcased in a weekly thread to the subreddit where users can vote for their favourite. The contestant with the highest votes will be considered the winner of the week’s challenge and will be immune from elimination from next week’s challenge, and they will also have a say in who will be put up for elimination in the next week’s challenge as well.

    The bottom 3 contestants with the least amount of votes will be up for elimination. It is up to the judges to choose one of the 3 to be put in the bottom 2, while the winner of the previous week’s challenge will choose another contestant from the bottom 3 to be in the bottom 2.

    Those in the bottom two must SPLAT FOR THEIR LIFE! In an in-game turf war/ranked battle private room, 1v1, no teammates.
    Most elimination battles will also have themes (ex: chargers only, weapons with burst bomb only) to further balance out the Elimination Battle section of the competition. Elimination battles will end after the competition is cut down to only 4 contestants, and from there a new method of elimination will be introduced.

    Discord will be the main form on communication and participation for this competition. Here, contestants, judges, and those who are eliminated can discuss the competition together. Contestants will also submit their outfits for the week’s challenge here via the Submission Chat in the discord.


    The competition will revolve around a weekly basis, and is set to begin on March 4, 2019. It will last for around 4 months. Here’s a sample of how a weekly schedule would look like for those interested:

    Friday: A voting thread is open to the public. Images of the contestants' outfits and their description of it can be found here. The contestant who was eliminated in the previous week/challenge will also be announced to the subreddit in this post (though it will be leaked beforehand to the discord chat).

    Saturday: Voting closes at 7:00PM EST. The judges will pick their bottom 2 nominee and the winner of the previous week’s challenge will pick their selection within 1-2 hours. The bottom two are then notified of their status, and are given some time to prepare for an Elimination Battle.

    Sunday: The bottom two participate in an elimination battle as early as 12:00AM EST. 1-2 judges will spectate the battle to ensure fair play. Afterwards, the outcome is revealed to the discord chat and the new week’s challenge is revealed.

    Sunday-Thursday: Contestants are given 5 days to prepare (find pieces of gear/plan) their outfit to be submitted to the discord for evaluation. Outfits are due Friday at 1:00AM EST. Contestants who do not submit anything will be given up to 2 warnings, and if nothing is submitted, they are disqualified.


    1. A full set of amiibo gear cannot be considered for an outfit. You are free to use pieces from amiibo gear, but an entire themed set must never be submitted.
    2. Cheating in any way, shape or form (ex: vote rigging, hacking) is absolutely NOT PERMITTED. Any cases of cheating will automatically result in disqualification from the competition.
    3. You MUST provide a description of your outfit submission for the week’s challenge.
    4. Screenshots of outfit submissions must be submitted to the “Submission” channel in the discord. (a)They are to be submitted by 1:00AM EST on the Friday of that week SHARP. Failure to submit an outfit may lead to disqualification.
    5. Bullying and harassment between contestants, eliminated, or judges is absolutely not permitted. Any cases of bullying will result in heavy consequences.
    6. The winner of the competition will receive a $100 eShop card/Paypal Payment/Donation to Charity in the region of their choice.
    7. Weekly Challenge Winners are to be immune from elimination from the next week’s challenge and are to choose one contestant out of the bottom 3 to participate in an Elimination Battle. If they do not choose anyone, the judges will choose another contestant in their place.
    8. Weekly Challenge Winners are immune from Rule 4(a). They are free to participate in the next week’s challenge if they like, but they will not be eliminated and are also locked from being chosen as the winner of the challenge for that week.
    9. Registering in this competition means that you are willing to devote your TIME and ENERGY into the competition. This means that if you are chosen to be a replacement in an elimination battle and you say yes, you must take the time out of your day to aid a fellow contestant in that battle. No-shows from a replacement will result in disqualification.
    10. Elimination battles will take place every Saturday/Sunday. This time may be altered due to availability constraints, but it will always happen on Sunday (Monday at the latest) regardless. No-shows from ANYONE in an elimination battle will result in disqualification. We will always try to find a time slot throughout the day where everyone can participate.
    11. Due to timezone complications, it is recommended that you only register for this competition if you are in the Americas or Europe. However, if you are outside of these regions you are still free to register, as long as you believe you can keep up with the time crunch that this competition has. It will not deter us from choosing you as a contestant.
    12. YOU MUST be active on squidboards/reddit and discord to participate in this competition.



    If you're interested in the competition and have a unique look for fashion, we highly recommend that you apply to be a Contestant for Season 2 of the Next Top Cephalopod. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS is March 1, 2019 at 12:00AM EST. Results will be PM'd to you on SquidBoards on March 3, 2019, and the contest officially begins on March 4, 2019 where a "Meet the Contestants" post will be made and the first challenge will be given out.

    Contestants Register HERE

    Lastly, we are also looking for Moderators to be apart of our staff on the discord. Though they don't hold any power in the competition, they mainly take care of maintaining and enforcing the rules of the Discord and will be in charge of regulating behavior. If you have Moderating experience and are interested in helping out with this competition, we'd love to see your application! DEADLINE FOR MODERATOR SUBMISSIONS IS ON March 1st, 2019 at 12:00AM EST. Selected applicants will be notified on the same day as the deadline.

    Moderators Register HERE

    You can choose to register as a contestant and a staff role, but if you are chosen as to be apart of the staff your contestant registration will be voided.


    If you register as a staff member or a contestant, or if you are just interested in the competition in general, please ensure to join our Discord!


    If any of you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to comment them down below! The entire Next Top Cephalopod community is looking forward to some new faces to be seen on the server, so even if you don't want to be a contestant/staff member but still have a love for Fashion, please be sure to join the Discord! We hold Monthly Outfit Making Challenges open to all, Smash Bros and Splatoon Game Nights, and tons of banter.

    Normally, we post the weekly voting polls on Reddit, where they are pinned to the front page. However, if there is sufficient interest here on Squid Boards, I would be more than inclined to post weekly voting polls on the forums as well (as long as the mods are okay with it). Please let me know what you think!

    We are truly hoping to see the best of the best apply for this upcoming Season. Until then, take care, stay fresh, and we will see you in March with our newly selected Contestants and Weekly Updates on the competition!
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