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What could happen in Splatoon 3 in regards to story?

Discussion in 'Regular Discussion' started by Cephalobro, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. Cephalobro

    Cephalobro Inkling Fleet Admiral

    May 1, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Another theory of mine after looking at canonical sources, mainly from Octo Canyon and Octo Expansion. But before I do that, let me tell you that there is no timeline split that happened in Splatoon 2 (unless you want to count the destruction of the world due to Agent 8's failure to detonate every Hyperbomb on the statue.), just that two events happened at the same time in the same universe.

    So, in Splatoon 2, there is no more clear division between Inklings and Octarians, this all started when Calamari Inkantation have snapped many Octarians out of the brainwashed state, with Marina being the first known Octoling to have made it to Inkopolis, there have been a few others such as Warabi and PAUL who could possibly have made it before the great influx of the playable Octolings coming into the city.

    During both Octo Canyon and Octo Expansion, this line of division is blurred even more thanks to the two cultures starting to mix.

    In Octo Canyon, Callie decorated many domes, this is why you see things that look like Splatfests. Not only that but according to the official character relationship poster, she finds Octarians adorable even when she's not brainwashed or under the influence of the Hypnoshades. Another smaller fact is that Marie wants to meet more Octolings.

    In Octo Expansion, we see Agent 8 and Cap'n Cuttlefish working together to get out of the Deepsea Metro and get to the surface, with Off The Hook talking to them. Between some of the tests in Marina's Chat Room, we see the three characters (Cuttlefish and Off The Hook) having a variety of interactions, one very interesting is when Pearl didn't know Marina was an Octoling and when she found out, she would still defend her. Later in the Chat Room, Cap'n Cuttlefish eventually accepts the idea of Octolings living in Inkopolis.

    Now, whether peace is able to be formed between the two species really depends on DJ Octavio. If he listens that is which it's actually more likely now given the fact that Octolings who left the underground domes still respect him, with them telling him that the Great Turf War doesn't matter anymore because the new generation of Inklings don't care about the appearance of another species coming into Inkopolis and even Cap'n Cuttlefish getting a little bit of that mindset thanks to Agent 8 humming Calamari Inkantation while unconscious. If he sees that Octarians would be a lot happier living on the surface because of not needing to worry about power failure, then he would be willing to listen.

    What this could entail is that we would be able to see even more Octarian subspecies living in Inkopolis with Inklings.
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