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What weapons have you found to be best in the Foggy Notion challenge?


Full Squid
May 4, 2023
I personally have been having good results with the Splatana Stamper, as I've been able to pick people off from a good distance before they even see me in the fog, as well as oneshot some people by hiding behind places they would've seen me going to otherwise. How about you guys?


was tentacles all along
Super Moderator
Oct 27, 2007
Ricco Harbor
I chose to run with primarily Brellas, as I felt the hit and run aspect just felt perfect for most of the kits they have (Ink Mines mostly, Wave Breaker and naturally Tenta Missiles were in pretty much every game I played). Undercover felt thematically good for the challenge, Sorella Tenta Brella got me a win or two.

I love the idea for this, but sorely wish it was on other maps/modes (on top of the limited time frame thing, as well as how long between events sorta dragging it down). Would love them repeating this one on a regular basis if they start recycling challenges after the initial runs.

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