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Why hasn't anyone either made Fanart or Memes about a DIFFERENT "Squid Game" in relation to Splatoon?

Which is the Better Squid Game?

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Oct 12, 2021
With Splatoon Being a GAME with Squids; I'm Surprised with the Recent release of that South Korean Survival Drama on Streaming Services. . . aka "Squid Game" that there haven't been many Jokes or Memes about Splatoon being the OG "Squid Game" or People joking asking if they Meant Splatoon when they said Squid Game? Heck, I'd Even want to see Fanart Mashups of Splatoon & Squid Game; whether it be Octolings & Inklings dressing in those Green Numbered Jumpsuits; or foreign Ink Splattered onto the face of a Participating Octoling/Inkling Player; or Have Fan Animation Parodies potentially called either "Splat Game" or "Inkling Game", or "Octopus Game" or "Octoling game"; or have Inklings trying to move without a Killer Loli Robot noticing any movement & One-Shotting them if She notices it. . .

I Wonder If the ones behind the "Inkling game"/"Splat Game"/"Ink Game" have the powers to Disable the Contestants' Respawns. . . Leading to the Contestants' Permadeath. . .

Since If the Contestants on "Squid Game" were either Inklings OR Octolings; They could Respawn; since they can Respawn within the game. . .

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