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Feb 28, 2020
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I was trying my hardest to get better with the slosher because I love the weapon's concept, but I just seemed to be doing terrible. I used to love the sloshing machine but with all the talk of how meta it was that drew me away from it to try something not as meta. And then I gave up and equipped it, and that's when I noticed it. It's run speed while shooting is TREMENDOUSLY faster than the slosher's!

The Machine's running speed while shooting (I'll start calling it RSWS) is listed as 0.7 on sendou, while the slosher's is 0.4. The Tri-Slosher has an RSWS of 0.66; why is the Slosher slower when Tri is so much easier to aim?? Slosher has about the same range as Machine with a smaller hitbox, why isn't it at least 0.6?? Is it because of the less lag frames to go into swimming? Am I supposed to be swimming between each slosh to make it work? How does that work with the Deco's zipcaster when I usually won't have ground control?? Shooters are already so hard to deal with in the first place, I'd have to either swim backwards and hope they keep pushing forward staying within my range, or push to the side and risk them turning and killing me anyways.

tl;dr Why is Slosher's run speed while shooting so slow?

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