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Your Top 10 Favorite Weapons in Splatoon?

Discussion in 'Regular Discussion' started by Creator438, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Creator438

    Creator438 Semi-Pro Squid

    Nov 11, 2015
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    A while back I made a thread about what your top 10 most hated weapons are in Splatoon. It didn't get many replies (but I wasn't expecting it to :(), so if you replied to this thread, I recommend you check it out, share your thoughts, share what you don't like, etc. etc. But this time, we're not talking about hate. We're talking about what we like!

    It's a known fact that everyone who's played this game and likes it has at least one weapon they like. Some people main quite a few weapons because they like all of 'em, while others have that one weapon they really like, and some others that they'll use on the down low with their buddies. There are 91 weapons in total in Splatoon, and chances are, some of these principles apply to you.

    I'm going to post a list just because I want to share the one I have, but what are your guys' top 10 favorite weapons in Splatoon? Remember to say why you like a given weapon, because we're all curious, as well as not to judge people for what they like.
    #1 Creator438, Jun 19, 2017
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2017
  2. Creator438

    Creator438 Semi-Pro Squid

    Nov 11, 2015
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    Okay, I'm going to start.

    10. Rapid Blaster
    Now ya see, Rapid has always held a special place in my heart. From the moment I first used it, I've always liked it. It started in it's first kill challenge (where I try to get a good k/d with a weapon in Turf War, going up to 70 kills or 50 for chargers (that's important to know b/c I like a lot of these weapons based solely on the Kill Challenge)), where I was constantly joking about how it was the best weapon in the game back when Rapid wasn't that great of a weapon (I'd say about 3-4 weeks before it received its amazing buffs). But at the same time, I was also saying that it was actually the worst weapon in the game, so I was ultimately (yet intentionally) contradicting myself. And in the midst of all of it, I was getting off some crazy stuff. Double directs and ink mine kills, most notably, but even the indirect shots killed, and I was satisfied. I don't know... something about the Rapid Blaster just clicked with me, and I've loved using it for fun to this day. I don't use it much anymore, however, so that's why it's #10.

    9. Cherry H-3 Nozzlenose
    Cherry H-3 is one of those weapons that I just love running Tenacity + special charge + Le Soccer Cleats on. Just having so much special charge and getting a bubble so often with such a long range weapon feels so great. A lot of people don't like invincibility specials, and personally my only real gripe is with Bubbler. Kraken has limits to it that just don't make it as good, but it's still a lot of fun to use. Same with Bubbler. I think the thing that really makes me like Cherry H-3 is all the protection, because I love using Bubbler, and I absolutely love walls (used to main 96 Deco back in the day, until I realized I'd always be tr4sh w/ it). It's just a fun weapon to mess around with, and grinding up invincibilities is just fun to me.

    8. Custom Dual Squelcher
    I've always said that people should give Custom Dual more of a chance since it can support in ways that no other shooter with its range can. I've said it's better than the normal Dual for that reason, but now that I look at it, regular Dual has nades and Echo, and there's just very little reason to use a Beacon + Wail kit. I mean, neither of them are that great, but I still like both. And I like the Custom Dual more. It's just fun to block people off with Squid Beacons (a tactic I like to call "beacon walling"), and either shoot them from a safe range or get them with Killer Wail. It's especially effective on Saltspray Rig. I don't know; I just love shooters, and this one is an interesting one that sticks out to me.

    7. Slosher Deco
    #7 is Slosher Deco, primarily because it's another one of those weapons that I love using special charge on and just grinding for Kraken. Because it's a Light Depletion weapon on top of that, I love running Saver with this thing. Slosher Deco is honestly an interesting weapon to me; I like its kit, I like the main weapon itself, and I like what I'm able to do with it. That's not to say I'm amazing with this weapon, but I do like using it for fun. However, I don't like how it never sees play just because everyone's always playing the braindead—er I mean, regular Slosher, that has the Burst Bomb combo on it, and I feel like I tend to forget that the Deco exists because of the fact. It's been ages since I've last used it... I should really use it some time soon.

    6. Sloshing Machine Neo
    Sloshing Machine Neo is kind of the same case with the Rapid, where I liked it from the moment I first used it, combined with the Custom Dual's case, where it intrigued and stuck out to me when I first played it in a kill challenge. I was interested in the way the weapon handled, where it wasn't like the other two types of sloshers at all. I was so happy that it made the sound a blaster makes when it directs someone, or that a charger makes when you get a fully charged shot on someone. Then it has Inkzooka, which took the cake, because I love Inkzooka as a special (when I'm using it). And overall, it was satisfying to get kills with. Like I know the Sloshing Machine Neo will pretty much never amount to anything, but it will always hold a special place in my heart.

    5. Splattershot Pro
    Funny thing that I actually remembered: back in July of 2015, I didn't like using the Splattershot Pro because I'd find myself running out of ink so often, because it's so inefficient (but that's probably because I spam my sub weapons like a little ***** for some reason). But now it's a favorite. I like what this thing can do a lot. I love its range, I love its kit, and I love running Ink Recovery on it; you literally shoot in from of you and you get your ink back, as long as you run at least a main and three subs. It's a 42 base damage gun, so you don't need to worry about defense hurting you unless your dealing fall off damage to your enemies, but I don't tend to worry about fall off damage if I can't even hit people.

    4. .52 Gal
    There's not a lot of bad I can say about 52 Gal aside from the fact that it's a Tentatek counter that can screw it over hard w/ Defense Up. But even still, 52 Gal is loads of fun to use. I especially love running Run Speed 52 with Defense. I just love running rampant (get it?) with a 2-shot mid range gun that can throw walls to defend itself and paint decently well. I used to main it in Tower Control, but I sort of dropped it after a little while. I didn't use it for very long, that's for sure. But it's a fun one, you know? It's a nice gun to use, and every time I use it in some kind of kill challenge, I'm splattin' people like there's no tomorrow (except when I'm getting wrecked, which does also happen).

    3. .96 Gal Deco
    For the longest time, 96 Deco was the main. It was my main gun in Ranked, and I replaced the Splattershot Jr. with it when I thought "you know, I need something with more range because chargers" or some ****, and I started using this. Now despite that it was the ultimate brain dead piece of garbage in the game for a long time, I sucked with it. It had the inaccuracy to help it paint + get shots it normally wouldn't be able to get with more accuracy, being able to trap mofos and whatnot, but I was never good enough to abuse it. I don't main it anymore, or use it nearly as much, but it's still a very fun weapon to break out for a kill challenge and just run special charge on. I'm always like "Damage Up? **** that! Even post-patch, this thing doesn't need damage!" I mean, that's because I do the Kill Challenge in Turf War, but still. Just, the next time you run 96 Deco in Turf War, run as much special charge as you can. You won't be disappointed.

    2. Aerospray RG
    I think that, even though it was so hated back during launch, everyone has a soft spot in some fashion for the Aerospray RG. Like especially now I don't think anyone would scroll through their list of weapons and just be like "**** that weapon!" I mean there's no reason to... But anyway, RG was my Turf War main for a long time, my Ranked main for a little bit of time, and it got me loving the MG as well as the PG when it came out. I don't main it in Turf War anymore, but I still love it. I've had so many good memories with it, including Ink Mine kills, Inkstrike kills, massively good turfing abilities to help win games, etc. I've always pretended like I was FalconXFalcon with this thing, because it IS the swag weapon of this game, and I love that about it too. Then it's a really fast shooter, and if you didn't know, I love my shooters!

    Now for some honorable mentions:

    1) Heavy Splatling Remix
    2) Jet Squelcher
    3) Octobrush Nouveau

    Love all these weapons a lot, but I don't have reasons for them b/c they're honorable mentions. And my #1 favorite weapon in all of Splatoon goes to... can you guess what it is? It's...

    1) Tentatek Splattershot
    The Tentatek. This thing is not only my main, but it's my ol' reliable. This thing and I go pretty far back; I used it briefly before I knew it was good, used it again in Tower Control after I learned about how good it was, and after the 96 Deco got nerfed, this became my main. And at the end of last year, I decided to drop the RG as my Turf War main so I could get better with this weapon. Because I love it! And how could I not? This is arguably the best weapon in the game in my opinion (I actually think it is the best weapon), I love its ability to paint, its ability to move, its ability to kill, its ability to charge Inkzooka, the fact that it has Inkzooka, the kit in general, and so much more. I honestly feel like I couldn't really use a lot of weapons in this game because they demand a great amount of skill in one area. This thing demands skill too, but I feel like I don't have to stress it as much with this weapon, and pretty much no matter what, I can help my team just as long as I'm giving it my all and not being a scared little *****. Plus, I can deal with my worst enemies that outrange me and easily kill me thanks to Inkzooka, and Suctions help me keep people out in addition (which doesn't always work, but Suctions have more uses beyond that as well). I don't exactly like fighting against other Tentateks, especially good Tentateks, because my aim sucks so I'll usually lose the mirror, but call me a hypo because I still love using it and I'll never hate using it! Ever. I will love this weapon until the end of time, and I'm glad I've been able to do with it what I have because it's so bloody versatile.
    #2 Creator438, Jun 19, 2017
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2017
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  3. Hero of Lime

    Hero of Lime Inkling Fleet Admiral

    Sep 26, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Switch Friend Code:
    Probably won't go as in depth as you did, but I think I can pick 10 faves easily I think. For the most part, I've stuck to shooters, short and mid range for my weapons of choice, as well as some of the melee weapons. Though a long ranger may just sneak into my list. ;)

    Going in descending order:

    10. Splattershot Pro. This weapon I haven't actually used much, but in the right circumstances, it's fun to use, and really useful. Solid kit, the gun is all around a nice mid long range shooter, especially after it got a substantial buff in a later update. Probably isn't my top tenth favorite weapon, but I wanted to give it a shout out.

    9. Aerospray MG. Now this weapon was a fun thing to use back in the early days of the game. In early game Splatzones, this weapon was really solid. Being able to get so much turf covered so quickly, you would have your inkzooka ready in no time, giving it some nice range it would not have otherwise. I've barely used it since I eventually would main the Splash-o-matic and later other guns, but I will always remember my time with the MG fondly.

    8. Neo Sploosh-o-matic. I picked this weapon up after I noticed its inkcredibly dangerous in the right hands with the right abilities. There have been numerous matches where I would have so many kills from this weapon alone, despite its short range. The kraken + locator sub is a super dangerous combo, as being locked onto someone with the kraken means they can't fool you by staying still, and being able to see where they are is super helpful when you have only mere seconds to move in and splat them.

    7. Heavy Splatling (Original). I have an affection for all three standard heavy splatlings, but the original is the one I've used the most. Being my most used long range weapon, it's pretty special to me. I would always use the combo of the walls and gun to hold key chokepoints on the map, and it always felt good to play a second objective by doing so. My favorite being the sole defender of the back area of Saltspray Rig in turf, as I would spend entire matches holding off enemies. Sometimes I would successfully keep them all away, other times they would eventually break through.

    6. N Zap 89. Not really much to say about it other than it's a wonderful turf covering weapon and always fun to use in Turf War and Splatzones because all three pieces of its kit are masters of covering turf in some way. I may prefer the Splattershot overall for actual combat as opposed to the N Zap, but it will do in a pinch if needed to fight well enough. An overall great mid range shooter.

    5. Octobrush (Original). I was introduced to this weapon very late, but once I picked it up I fell in love immediately. It was basically another Krakon Roller, but with the fun offensive power of the brushes. The beakons again help make it something really special, especially with a particularly nasty little strategy I employ with this weapon in Camp Triggerfish.

    4. Splash-o-matic (Original). Since its release very early into the game's life, it was a favorite of mine and main for a good few months. So much so it's the only weapon I managed to ink 999999 points with. Its suction bomb rush was my go to trump card in early matches of Splatzones when people weren't used to the mode quite yet, which helped me rocket up ranked fairly quickly. I stopped using it much once it was just not cutting it, and have barely used it since maxing it out because I want to raise the numbers on other weapons, but I will always love the weapon for the amount of fun I had with it.

    3. Krakon Roller. It just works well as a support weapon that I can't dislike it. When using this weapon, I mainly will play support, hanging back covering turf, setting down beakons which can easily win matches if used well, and go offensive when my team needs to push the center. Having a kraken ready helps with that last part, and the roller itself is such a great weapon so long as you play stealthy and know who you can take and who will out range you.

    2. Tentatek Splattershot/Octoshot. Basically the workhorse assault rifle of Splatoon. It may not be the most original weapon you can use, but it works well, and is nicely balanced with the gun, sub, and special. While not great for getting kills, the suction bomb is always great for clearing the area of an enemy who will not stick around to see how an explosion feels. And the inkzooka even after a heavy nerf is always a solid special to have handy.

    1. Wasabi Splattershot. My fave, my main, its kit is just perfect for me. Before it came out I was a Tentatek main, not for the meta purposes, but because it was the ideal mid range assault class that I love in any type of shooter. The Wasabi having splat bombs gave me so many fun ways to battle, allowing me to not only scare enemies away, but also reliably splat them. The inkstrike is always a fun special to have around, but admittedly not the best. The gun and sub are what make this weapon my favorite, the inkstrike is neat bonus.

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