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really need to start playing squid game again but new horizons stole me away lol I will at least play splatoon 2 the night before 3 releases that way will be ready for 3 at launch but new horizons probably gonna steal me again if they release the splatoon items ingame hehe :p
we all should
After finally beating my procrastination today, the only part of Coral left to draw is the head, so why did I leave the head last? That's because, for some reason, Inkling and Octoling heads are almost as big as their torsos. Even without taking the tentacles into consideration.
Anyways, got part of the head done, I just need to get the bun part of his hairstyle right before finally drawing the face.
After many long days, I finally forced myself to draw more. The little kickstand on the Switch can somehow be an invaluable tool for artists to draw based on their character on the screen. And yes, I plan to redraw Clam since my first attempt wasn't quite right.
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