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New profile posts

After my long absense from actually playing Splatoon 2, I'm back at it to finish what I started before Splatoon 3 releases!
With so much happening at once, I haven't got the time to do any Splatoon-related SFM stuff yet. But I will start doing them one day. Maybe starting with some test ones before doing the main ones.
It's been 2 years since I joined. I feel weird because I've haven't been here in months. Oh lord-
Lookin back on everything I said
I hate it here
Like what the hell was I on holy hell
There's so much **** that just makes me want to cringe
I was so ****in immature
It’s been a while.. sorry for leaving, just kinda got out of it. I’ll try to check in on the site every now and then, see how everyone is doing, meet some new people. Once splatoon 3 comes out, y’all know I’m gonna be on this site 24/7
So, I was thinking, what could encourage people to use this site more frequently? Any ideas?
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The problem is that the bulk of the community has moved to Discord and Twitter, and a lot of useful information is scattered all over the place. There's no real "central" resource for the game anymore on the competitive or casual side. To create that kind of resource once again is going to require more effort from staff here and fans alike than most people would be comfortable with. It's a conundrum.
maybe we could get someone to sponsor us. Like maybe Sam Rigel from Critical Role
Yeah this place was created as forums had really been declining in use for years already. Had there not been a Discord created adjacent to this site, it would see a lot more traffic. It never had good time to get established like Smashboards did before the SB Discord came along. It is funny in a way, SB and SqB are opposites in that most people use SB forum and the server is dead vs SqB being the opposite.
I for one, think this place can be revived. I simply don't want to go any alternate forums site, or worse *shudders* Reddit.
There is nothing here. I'm taking my Hogs over to Codeloader. I suggest y'all go to Smash Boards.
It just dawned on me just how long it's been since first joining and playing splatoon.
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