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Last Activity:
Jul 5, 2020
Feb 3, 2016
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Squid Savior From the Future

Community Ambassador

Happy Splativersary to me! Inkin' for 3 years now! Jan 23, 2019

Ansible was last seen:
Jul 5, 2020
    1. feargal1717
      Hi i'm new and i would love to join the private battles.
      NNID+Discord: feargal1717
      1. Dual and Ikaheishi like this.
    2. Mase374
      Hello, im also new to Squidboards and I would really like to join. This sounds like a fun and active squad.
      NNID= Mase374
      I don't know if we need Discord but i'm willing to get it.
      Thank you. :)
      1. Dual and feargal1717 like this.
    3. Almost OK
      Almost OK
      Hi! I'm new to Squidboards. Ikaheishi gave me the link to your guy's page, and sounds like your group is exactly what I'm looking for. How do I join? I've got Discord, but don't know how to friend anyone.

      I hover between A and A+ rank when I'm playing against all Japanese players, but I climb pretty quickly into S when I'm playing against more local, N American players.

      Discord: Almost OK
      NNID: ThinkAboutIt27
      1. feargal1717 and Dual like this.
    4. Splatfan 222
      Splatfan 222
      squad , Ansible?
    5. Swiss_Squid
      Hey Ansible. How have you been?
      1. Ansible
        Bit rocky but okay. How about yourself?
        Jul 23, 2016
    6. Jaden Yang
    7. Jaden Yang
      Jaden Yang
      please follow id appreciate it
    8. Captain Haddock
      Captain Haddock
      Good games last night - I lost count of the number of times I ended up on the wrong end of your Splattershot! I didn't have my laptop for Discord last night, but should be good for next weekend, if you're available.
      1. Ansible
        's alright. I've been going through the hassle of prepping my computer for windows 10. And I'm not sure how good the mic is on phone to use for discord chat.

        Meanwhile... All signs for Saturday and Sunday showing clear chances of twin squadding!
        Jul 17, 2016
      2. Ansible
        Forgot about splatfest. Saturday @ 830pm, eastern there'll be a private battle session going on. If it's full, let me know. But likely we could have two lobbies going on.
        Jul 22, 2016
      3. Captain Haddock
        Captain Haddock
        Ha - I forgot about the splatfest as well! I'll be on earlier, so some private battles would be great if I'm still awake.
        Jul 23, 2016
    9. Ansible
      I don't care if all our inkling models are all the same! I'm still the cutest!!
      1. Dual, G1ng3rGar1 and Anaru like this.
      2. Dual
        A new challanger has arrived!
        Nov 13, 2016
      3. Ansible
        hiissss! HSSSSSSSSS!!
        Nov 14, 2016
    10. Squidjeans
      1. Ansible
        You seeking a group with some older players?
        Jun 18, 2016
    11. Swiss_Squid
      Yeah I've been looking for a clan and it's hard. I want people to practice with and go into ranked with as well.
    12. Swiss_Squid
      Okay thank you. :D
    13. Swiss_Squid
      can i join your squad? I was looking for one to join.
      1. Ansible
        Ello, I'm not the leader of my squad but you're welcome to drop by the Ancient Mariners thread and request to roll with us. If it's not for you, let me know and I'll see what I can do to help you find a squad.
        Jun 9, 2016
    14. Swiss_Squid
    15. Ansible
      Self-indulgent, haphazard, serial squadder. You know you want me! ^.^
    16. Ansible
      Brawling in B+ hell, but willing to squad with any rank.
    17. Ansible
      Casual squid seeking fresh shoal to call home.
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