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What's new

Map Rotation
  • Turf War Maps

    Wahoo World
    Kelp Dome

    Ranked Maps

    Mode: Tower Control

    Skipper Pavilion
    Piranha Pit

    League Maps

    Mode: Clam Blitz

    The Reef
    New Albacore Hotel
  • Turf War Maps

    Port Mackerel
    Snapper Canal

    Ranked Maps

    Mode: Rainmaker

    Shellendorf Institute
    Humpback Pump Track

    League Maps

    Mode: Splat Zones

    Skipper Pavilion
    Manta Maria

Latest news

Squidboards Update
  • 4,289
  • 13
Hello squids! Here today with an update on Squidboards! With Splatoon 3 now announced, it was time for a little bit of spring cleaning around the forums.
Splatoon 3 Announced for Nintendo Switch!
  • 3,468
  • 7
Yesterday's Nintendo Direct featured the official reveal of SPLATOON 3!!! Need we say more?

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I don't want to be here any more. I apologise for the inconvenience to those I met on here over the years, but I just can't play Splatoon any more. My interest has left, my energy is gone, and I no longer feel comfortable trying to play or talk to others. To J and H, I am sorry. I hope you two have found better friends.
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Top Streams

Splat Time with Viewers! // !fc !pw !rw
Splatoon 2
I'm in pain, League with Jer :) | Splatoon League
Splatoon 2
esplatun 2 rankesitas con hype por Splatoon 3

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