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Map Rotation
  • Turf War Maps

    Undertow Spillway
    Hammerhead Bridge

    Anarchy (Series)

    Mode: Rainmaker

    Brinewater Springs
    Inkblot Art Academy

    Anarchy (Open)

    Mode: Splat Zones

    Hagglefish Market
    Barnacle & Dime
  • Turf War Maps

    Barnacle & Dime
    Mahi-Mahi Resort

    Anarchy (Series)

    Mode: Tower Control

    Undertow Spillway
    New Map

    Anarchy (Open)

    Mode: Clam Blitz

    Museum d'Alfonsino
    Wahoo World

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Squidboards Under New Ownership
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After over a decade as it's steward, AlphaZealot will be stepping down as the owner of Smashboards as well as Squidboards as of June 1st, 2023
Check Out All The Details From Today's Splatoon 3 Direct!
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Splatoon 3 is just over the horizon, and today we got our biggest batch of new information to dive into yet! If you missed the Direct, you can check it out on the link up above. There's a ton of information to get into, so we'll do our best to recap as much as we can!

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i think i'm getting covid or a flu or something. been feeling really sluggish and weak ever since i woke up this morning, and i could barely sleep at all last night.
I would say Covid test yourself. If you don’t have a at home test, i think library’s have free at home tests
Feel better!
Why would General Anemone do that? Because he sees Salmon Run as more than just an extra thing that Inklings and Octolings can do, he sees it as not having to send tentacle Octarians to fight the Salmonids. So if Grizzco workers don't want to do things for Grizzco, then the Salmonids, which are the enemies of the Octarians who live in Inkopolis, will attack the Octarian neighborhood.
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