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What's new

Map Rotation
  • Turf War Maps

    Snapper Canal
    Piranha Pit

    Ranked Maps

    Mode: Rainmaker

    Manta Maria
    Humpback Pump Track

    League Maps

    Mode: Clam Blitz

    Walleye Warehouse
    Musselforge Fitness
  • Turf War Maps

    Shellendorf Institute
    Moray Towers

    Ranked Maps

    Mode: Tower Control

    Arowana Mall
    Inkblot Art Academy

    League Maps

    Mode: Splat Zones

    Starfish Mainstage

Latest news

Splatoon 3 Release Date Revealed!
  • 993
  • 1
INKoming! Nintendo’s surprised fans today with a new trailer and release date for Splatoon 3. The trailer showcases one full round of Turf War in new map Eeltail Alley, revealing some interesting features we can expect to see in the game’s approaching release.
First Squidboards Splat Series of 2022 Splashes In On April 16th!
  • 1,014
  • 0
Our first Splatoon 2 SQSS event is now scheduled for Saturday, April 16th! The Squidboards Splat Series is an online Splatoon 2 tournament series that is free-to-enter tournament for players of all skill levels.

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It's been 2 years since I joined. I feel weird because I've haven't been here in months. Oh lord-
Lookin back on everything I said
I hate it here
Like what the hell was I on holy hell
There's so much **** that just makes me want to cringe
I was so ****in immature
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[Charity] Spawn Point Draft Cup III | !donate
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Fishy Waddle Event | Fish or Be Fished !stc !squid ♡

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