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What's new

Map Rotation
  • Turf War Maps

    Humpback Pump Track
    Arowana Mall

    Ranked Maps

    Mode: Clam Blitz

    Ancho-V Games
    Starfish Mainstage

    League Maps

    Mode: Rainmaker

    Piranha Pit
  • Turf War Maps

    Inkblot Art Academy
    Sturgeon Shipyard

    Ranked Maps

    Mode: Tower Control

    Wahoo World
    Snapper Canal

    League Maps

    Mode: Splat Zones

    Kelp Dome
    Goby Arena

Latest news

Squidboards is Looking for Volunteer Moderators! + SQSS Update
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Hi all, Hope you're all doing well, staying safe, and staying healthy as we progress further into this new year. We truly appreciate those of you that have stuck around, and the new members that have joined us. We're looking forward to Splatoon 3, and more good times to be had with both the two current Splatoon titles, as well as Splatoon 3. That said, we're looking to add to our staff team here on the forums. Particularly, we are looking for moderators who can help us keep the site clean of spam and bots, and otherwise. This role would be completely voluntarily, with no work amount obligation. As in, feel free to lend a hand when you can, or when you might happen across something while using the site. There is no time or work minimum that needs to be met. We're just hoping to find some users that might be interested in helping maintain the forums in some of their free time. If this sounds like an opportunity you might be interested in, please send me a DM at your...
The Squidboards Splat Series Returns on December 11th!
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That's right, it's back! The Squidboards Splat Series returns on December 11th with a free-to-enter tournament for players of all skill levels. Get your team together and sign up on Battlefy to compete! Be sure to join our Discord server for the day of the event, and check the event page for rules and more information! We're very excited to bring this event back, and hope you can all join us for our first event back. Battlefy Discord Squidboards Event Page

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Eating salmon for dinner.
I’m unsure how to feel about that, because I haven’t eaten salmon since before I made Prince Huchen/Sean and now it seems weird- help-
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No shame has some good Omega 3!
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Its good for ya!
I want to make an isometric version of Splatoon. This is because I can't program 3D yet as I haven't developed the skills to do so. Once I have programmed an isometric Splatoon I will then put the Trail Hogs in it going into bicycle Turf Wars. They'll be fought just about anywhere - parks, across creeks, on high cliffs, at the mall, etc. Can I do this... well, I already created a platform game called the Trail Hogs.
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Splatoon 2
[X Rank] Legends Arceus Waiting Room :) | !Tiktok !discord !twitter
Splatoon 2
헤이 모두들 안녕 내가 누군지 아늬~~??
Splatoon 2
븅슨겜의 븅슨룰

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