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hello anyone who happens to stumble on my page! i'm moki (i used to be previously named freshestkidontheblock, candi and kuromi) and i've been playing splatoon since the very first game. i'm back after a accidental 2-year hiatus from the franchise (sounds unbelievable to me, too). my copy was accidentally misplaced, and i fortunately found it recently.

if i can remember correctly, i was level 50 and s rank on the wii u. i was pretty much a completionist about it, except for the amiibo.

on splatoon 2, i'm currently s+ 0 on splat zones and tower control, s on rainmaker and a on clam blitz. i haven't played octo expansion yet, so please no spoilers!

i main the squiffers, bamboozler, other chargers, neo splash-o-matic (For sure) and carbon rollers. i also casually play with the dynamo roller.

thank you for reading my page, hopefully we can play sometime! ^^
friend code: SW-4199-9542-1410
November 18






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