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Joseph Staleknight

Squid fan since before the release date!

I am especially interested in the language of the Inklings and Octarians and as such will attempt to either decipher it or otherwise create one closely matching canon as much as possible.
January 29
East Coast USA


Joseph Staleknight#8467
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IGN: JSK (Splatoon 2), (Splatoon3) // Favorite Weapons: N-ZAP '85, Splash- and Sploosh-O-Matic, Slosher (+Hero Rep.), Dualie Squelchers, Jet Squelcher, Splash-O-Matic Neo, Clash Blaster Neo //
The Third Unofficial Splatfest Scorecard // The Fan Inkling Language Project // My ARMS Characters/Weapons Log //
Avatar made by the amazing SgtUBER! //



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