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hi! i'm caroline and i bought splatoon in november 2015. now i'm s+ and an addict! i don't really have a weapon main right now but i really like rollers, heavy splatlings, and the bamboozlers. i also mod sometimes.

fave abilities: :ability_tenacity::ability_swimspeed::ability_ninjasquid::ability_inkrecovery::ability_inkresistance:
fave clothes: :head_amb000::head_hbd002::head_ncp003::clothes_tes003::clothes_tes008::clothes_tes011::shoes_shi005::shoes_sht008::shoes_slo001:

aside from that, i like playing piano, baking, psychology, and graphic design! : )

if you want to play splatoon, smash, or mariokart 8, or just see my awful miiverse drawings and lose faith in art, add me on the wii u! my nnid is pepbrew. shockingly.

if you want to play new leaf or any of the gen 6 pokemon games, add me on the 3ds! my friend code is 0705-3121-4803.

some of my other social medias:
reddit / tumblr / youtube / gfycat / instagram / inkipedia / mygameslist

thanks for stopping by!
Aug 26, 1998 (Age: 22)
New York
broke college student :')




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