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Am I a kid or a squid or just a Splatoon nerd? ;)

Started gaming 1989 with my Gameboy and had every Big N home console since the SNES. Wii U + PC is the perfect combination for me.
Currently extremely interested in comics (mostly but not only DC) while my interest in sports is declining.
And of course, Splatoon. :)




Splatoon 2 | Splatoon
Rank: RM: S+1 | SZ: S+1 | TC: S+0 | CB: S+1 | S
Level: 58 | 50
Mains: Custom Dualie Squelcher, N-ZAP '85, Splattershot Pro, | Custom Jet Squelcher, Dual Squelcher,
Jet Squelcher, Splattershot, Kensa Splattershot Pro, | N-ZAP '83, N-ZAP '85, L-3 Nozzlenose D,
Forge Splattershot Pro,Tentatek Splattershot | Splattershot Pro, Custom Splattershot Pro,
Alts: .52 Gal, L-3 Nozzlenose, L-3 Nozzlenose D | Berry Splattershot Pro
Playtime: 460 hours | 634 hours
Switch Friendcode: SW-3298-8343-1900 | NNID: shani_ace
NLInklings Discord server| My Youtube channel




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