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Recent content by TheFirstDecade

  1. TheFirstDecade

    3-Way Splatfest Ideas

    Howabout something to a completely unrelated game? Like USA v. China v. GLA for C&C Generals or Allies v. Soviets v. Yuri for C&C Red Alert 2? I know they are completly irrelevant to Splatoon but thats the best three-ways i could think of at the moment.
  2. TheFirstDecade

    Salmon Run Next Wave

    Well i know for one thing about this: I have a couple more things to anthropomorphize into my own image, and i havent even finished up my Lesser Salmonids yet! God im so slow at working on my art and stuff!
  3. TheFirstDecade

    Last person to comment wins!

    AH HAH, i have the last laugh!
  4. TheFirstDecade

    Guess the Next person to Post

  5. TheFirstDecade

    Official Splatoon Fan Art Thread!

    Pt. 2 of the Art Dump More Aurum-san Art cuz i love her very much And finally WIP's of the Salmon Run Revolutions Cohock Field Officer
  6. TheFirstDecade

    Official Splatoon Fan Art Thread!

    I dunno if i posted these but, yeah more art that i've made over the past year or so. Also some more WIP and finished art for my Salmon Run Revolutions Fanon and characters as well. Sorry for a sudden Art-dump. Thats what happens when im not as active as here as i thought i would be compared to...
  7. TheFirstDecade

    Official Splatoon Fan Art Thread!

    It's been a couple months, but i am working on some more art. Still, mostly salmonid related because im running my fanon further into development, gotta design something in a sense, why don't i? So yes i've decided to start working on enemies of "Salmon Run Revolutions", being a small art/comic...
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