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Hello, I'm Undr. You may remember me from such forums as Smashboards and PenguinsAnonymous.

But yeah, in all seriousness I fully intend on making Splatoon one of my Twitch/YouTube channels' marquee games. Link to each can be found in my signature (eventually).

So if any of you are migrating here from Smashboards you may recognize me. From 2002 through Melee's initial lifespan I was very heavily active on the forums. Being from MD/VA also kept me very active in the scene. When Brawl came out I dedicated/wasted the gaming career on that until I had surgery on both of my feet. A procedure that has left me handicapped. This naturally prevented me from attending many tournaments. However during my time with Brawl I can pretty proudly say that I was one of if not the premier Pit Players during the first years after its release. So if nothing else I can come away with that.

Now I'm putting a heavy focus on YouTube and Twitch. Now partnered with MakerStudios for a year I intend on branding both channels heavily with Splatoon. A game I see having the same sort of potential as Smash. Here's hoping that all pans out.

Oh, and if you try to get my attention on Smashboards, I likely won't notice. I spend all of my time there in the Back Room. Seriously, I couldn't even tell you if the rest of the site still exists.
May 6
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