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Splatoon Loadouts

Splatoon 2


Sub Mains:

Rare Usage, But Honorable Mentions:

Splatoon 1


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I'm known as ZEROrevive, but you can just call me ZERO for short. I currently mostly main various Inkbrushes as well as the Carbon Roller. Currently waiting to see what my future weapons will be for Splatoon 2.

What's there to know about me? Plenty of things. I'm into a variety of hobbies and games, which I'll list bellow:

  • Megaman - Classic series, Megaman X, Zero, Legends- and even Rockman Xover. You name it, I enjoy it. This is where my username originates from.

  • Monster Hunter - An Avid Long Sword User, always up for a good hunt. I currently play Monster Hunter 3U and 4U. Tri was my very first game that I have fond memories of.

  • Splatoon - Both the game series, as well as the crazy CoroCoro Manga. I sometimes play as various CoroCoro characters in their gear and weapons for fun. Mostly play solo as of current, but always willing to try squading with others casually.

  • Obscure Games - I love finding underrated or lesser known games, good or bad. Even strange Pirated/Bootleg games interest me.

  • Sony Aibo Robots - I am currently a Co-Owner of a ERS-210A named 'Toby'. Really into these robots! Hope to get an ERS-7 M2 or M3 someday.

  • Drawing - Mostly Fan Art, but also some original things. You'll see alot for Splatoon and Megaman from me. Check out my Pixiv account listed on my profile if your curious.

  • Roleplaying - I mostly do this privately, one on one. RP's focus around various Megaman series and Splatoon (CoroCoro Manga included). I enjoy doing alot of obscure and crazy scenarios and AU's with them.

  • ...And other various things.
I enjoy communicating with others, so don't be afraid to PM me or ask for my Discord. I would love to chat it up.

If you add me on my Nintendo account or on the Switch, Please inform me first. I wont accept completely random friend requests with no info or context given. Thanks.
Aug 18, 1988 (Age: 32)


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