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Gear Ability Quick Reference Guide (v1.0.1) ! IMAGE HEAVY !

Gear Ability Quick Reference Guide (v1.0.1) ! IMAGE HEAVY !

This guide sorts all gear according to the Main ability, the visual representation can help you easily see what sub-abilities are influenced by the brand and help you choose which piece of gear you'll want to use for your desired set. Click the Spoilers to expand each section.

First of all some explanations of the basics, from the 24 abilities on the game 13 are stackable and appear as main abilities as well as sub-abilities, it is possible to equip gear with these abilities multiple times and have their effects stacked. The remaining 11 can only be found as the Main Ability on gear, of these 4 are exclusive to headgear, 4 are exclusive to clothing and 3 are exclusive to shoes. Given the restrictions these 11 abilities aren't stackable as it is impossible for them to appear more than one time, it is also worth noting that you'll only be able to choose one from each group too, meaning it is impossible for example to have both Stealth Jump and Ink Resistance Up equipped for example.

The second important point is that the brand from each gear can affect the chances of certain abilities appearing as sub-abilities when you level gear up or re-roll the sub-abilities, each brand has a common sub-ability which has five times more chance of appearing and a rare sub-ability which only has half the normal chance of appearing, certain brands (amiibo, Cuttlegear and KOG) don't have any influence on sub-abilities.

For brands with no influence each of the 13 abilities has an equal chance of almost 8%.
For brands that have some influence, the common ability has around 30% chance of appearing, while the rare ability has only around 3% chance, and the remaining 11 abilities will have around 6% each.

In this guide the ability that has the biggest chance to appear is right beside the brand tag with a GREEN highlight, the ability that has the slight smaller chance to appear is highlighted in RED, brands that don't have any effects also don't have any abilities highlighted. (Note: Bomb Range Up is never influenced by the current abilities)

Stackable Abilities:

* The Splatfest Tee is a temporary item and can only be used for the duration of the Splatfest and the voting period. It is removed from the player inventory after the event ends.

Headgear Exclusive Abilities:

Clothing Exclusive Abilities:

Shoe Exclusive Abilities:
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Latest reviews

Very useful data that is very concise and well laid out. However, this only contains pre-update gear. Despite lacking this information, its very useful and good to use as a reference to find gear you want.
update it
Amazing, just needs to be updated for recent patches.
Really useful, please update though.
Great resource and useful guide, but does need some updates.
Very organized and useful guide, but it needs some updates.
extremely useful and well put together guide, probably easier to glance at this than inkipedia
I'm using this to figure out what I need for my set. Hot dang, do I need that jungle hat!
Please update, but otherwise amazing.
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