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How to Blast

For those wanting to learn how to blast, be it newbie or veteran.

  1. Enperry
    Probably one of the greatest guides on Squidboards. Everything from techs to pros and cons make this guide amazing.
  2. bogusflint
    thank u
  3. KaitoKid
    I really like the explaining of the techniques, but Im missing the explanation which gear I should use, and why
  4. Just AE
    Just AE
    I really enjoy this guide. It does a good job of detailing techniques and showing what the blasters are good at. The only thing that I would like to see added would maybe be some strategies for the modes, etc.
  5. vanille987
    really good read since i’m a avid blaster user sometimes.
    learnt some things i probably would have never used like the ‘bunny hop’.
    only SLIGHTLY let down due no inclusion of rapid blasters.
    but they are a whole different beast after all.
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