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how to slosher

i’m guster, a comp vslosher player who’s mained the weapon for over 10 months and has got from entry level to around div 8 with it! i’m obviously not an expert on the weapon, but here is some advice i can give on it:

using the main
the slosher is a complex weapon to use. it has a wide hitbox and no jump RNG, can hit people over ledges and walls, and changes direction if you turn your controller while firing. because of these unique attributes, it can be difficult to get used to the weapon.
my number one tip is to use flicks as much as you can. you can flick, or curve your shot, by quickly rotating your player POV left or right after firing a shot. this mechanism can be used to great advantage: if you’re close to someone and your cursor isn’t directly on them, you can flick in their direction to hit them. combined with the slosher’s already wide hitbox, this makes the weapon require very little aim.
this means that you can outpace most other weapons very easily by getting up close to them, moving and jumping around (remember, you have no jump RNG), and flicking them. they can’t hit you, but you can hit them!

using the subs
the splat bomb is known to be one of the best subs in splatoon 3. one general tip is that you can roll them on the ground to shorten their detonation time. notably, the 30-damage outside hit box combos perfectly with a 70-damage hit from a slosher, though also notably, any amount of sub resistance gear will negate this combo.
splat bombs are best used for poking at long range and defending where you can’t. placing a splat bomb somewhere will force an opponent to move so they aren’t splatted. they can also get free splats on your opponents if your teammates are throwing enough bombs at them with you. this can be done from a much longer range than the slosher’s main weapon reaches alone, making it useful for reaching groups of opponents and weapons that outrange it.

angle shooter is known to be the absolute WORST sub in splatoon 3. everyone give three cheers for angle shooter!!
because of the sub’s, well, uselessness, there aren’t a ton of ways to make it useful in comparison to the splat bomb. you can use it to bounce off walls and hope you hit someone, shoot someone from afar to finish them off or mark them for a few seconds, or quickly combo with a single slosh up close.
that’s it. that’s really all i can say on this.

using the specials
triple inkstrikes are hard to use from normal slosher angles, so you need to use them from afar so you don’t get splatted. i often use them from almost backline positions, to push in or paint a contested splat zone. squid school has a whole guide on this and he explains the special much better than i do, so go watch it
i don’t use slosher deco often enough to give advice on using zipcaster sorry :[

play to your range— you have a decent amount of range, but you are NOT a midline weapon. whoever tells you that is a liar
the weapon has the unique ability to shoot over walls and ledges, as i said before. most weapons can’t hit you if you’re right below a wall, but you can. that’s the number one positioning priority: to put yourself into positions where you have the advantage. sneaking around and getting into places where you can easily splat opponents is a great strategy to use

building gear
if you look on for builds, you’ll find that the overwhelming majority of them are this: 1 main 3 subs of quick respawn, comeback, stealth jump, 2 subs of swim speed, and one sub of each: special saver, ink resistance, quick super jump, and sub resistance. the second most popular build is… just the same one but the sub resistance is replaced with more swim speed!
quick respawn is pretty important for this weapon— comeback even more so, with the ink efficiency and special charge up it provides upon respawning. stealth jump is so that you can’t get a super jump landing sniped or bombed from afar, and is extremely useful on most frontline weapons like this one. the bit of swim speed’s extra mobility helps a lot for the weapon.
besides the most common builds, you can experiment a lot to see what you like! i have an alternate haunt build myself

and that’s all i have to say right now! i hope this helps someone!!!
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