How to use and get better with the Jet Squelcher!

How to use and get better with the Jet Squelcher!


The Jet Squelcher is a Shooter with decent mobility, a 32 damage ink pellet, taking 4 shots to splat opponents and boasts the longest range out of the Shooters!

How to play the Jet Squelcher.

You want to play this weapon as a backliner, or someone who sits further back than the rest of the team, allowing for you to use the Jet Squelchers long range to defend against shorter ranged weapons, and additionally providing support for the rest of your team!

- You want to avoid rushing in, as the Jet Squelcher has a slower splat-time than the majority of short-range weapons.
- Avoid standing in bad backline positions, such as ones that prevent you from using the range of the main weapon.
- Only push forwards if your team is ahead of you OR the enemy team has been wiped out.

The Jet Squelcher comes with:

Line Marker/Angle Shooter and a 180p Ink Vac!

How to use the Jet Squelchers kit!

To gain the maximum potential out of your Line Marker,
Use it to combo with the Jet Squelcher!
- Due to Line Marker dealing 40 damage, it allows for a two-shot combo, only having to deal 64 damage to get the splat!
If something outranges you, use it to pressure the target into backing off!
- For example, a Ballpoint Splatling slightly outranges the Jet Squelcher, so use it to ward off the foul thing.

To gain the maximum potential out of your Ink Vac,
Use it with your team to get closer to the opponent(s) and protect your team as they wipeout the opposition!
Charge up the vac and shoot it on the floor, do not fire it towards walls, as it provides significantly less pressure than a shot that hits the floor.
- Aim the shot towards 'hotspots' on maps, as that provides a higher chance of splatting an opponent.
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