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How to use Enperry Splat Dualies

I've noticed that ESDs are quite tricky, so i've listed a few of what i know (please note i am not a 100% reliable source, please talk to another player if you need extra help!)

1. The Curling bomb can be useful to travel into enemy territories fast, but they can easily block your path, so it's best if you lay two and switch from one side to another if you're getting shot from one path, you can switch to another (best use Ink Recovery up & Sub Ink Saver, stack if needed)

2. It's best to have good positioning, flanking can be the difference between victory and defeat

3. Use your special at places the enemy turfed but don't care about, once one rushes in to take it back, ambush them if able, if not, try and turf theirs while one is distracted with the turf you put down beforehand, this'll give your team one less enemy to worry about

That's all i've learned, thanks for sticking around, and good luck!

-CollenJcobz <3
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