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Splatoon 2 Dynamo Roller

A Guide to Higher Level Dynamo Roller Play

  1. NPDgames
    The Dynamo Roller is a slow but powerful weapon. In the right hands it can singlehandedly turn the tide of a game. But if used incorrectly you will spend more time flailing around then actually contributing to your team. In this guide I'll teach you the basics of the weapon, and how to play it at a high level. But why would you use a Dynamo Roller?

    The Pros:
    One hit kills
    Longest range of a vertical flick in the game
    Ability to get multi-kills
    Long range for a roller
    Strong pressure and zoning
    Great from high ground

    The Cons:
    Extremely slow
    Can't paint well
    Poor at close range
    Sometimes you'll just die instead of getting a trade
    Poor ink efficiency
    Terrible at rolling
    Reduced run and swim speed

    The Basics
    1. Don't Roll.
    When you start out with the Dynamo, stay away from using the rolling feature. With most rollers, rolling allows you to quickly cover lots of turf, and get some kills. However, the Dynamo's roll is incredably slow. The vast majority of your kills will come from flicks.

    2. Count your flicks

    By default, you only have 5 flicks worth of ink in your tank. Ink Saver Main can get this up to a much better level, but it's essential to always keep track of how many more flicks you have. There's no bigger mistake you can make than getting stuck in enemy territory with no ink left. Between recovering ink and a the slow swim speed, a c- with a E-Liter Scope could kill you

    3. Play a step back
    While most rollers tend to work best point-blank, the Dynamo will have you play a little further back. A close up enemy with a shooter will be able to kill you before you get off a single flick. If you stay a little bit back, they won't stand a chance against your flick.

    4. Paint with flicks
    The Dynamo roller isn't great for painting, but it's flicks, especially the vertical flick, can cover turf effectively enough. Trying to paint by rolling will leave you vulnerable. If there's ANY chance an enemy is nearby, stick to using your vertical and horizontal flicks to paint.

    5. Utilize pressure and zoning
    Learn to use your flicks to keep enemies away. By using the wide, powerful horizontal flick and the long-range vertical flick, you can push enemies away, even if you don't kill them. You can then allow them to push back into your kill box, and get an easy kill.

    6. Take advantage of cover
    Due to poor ink efficiency and slower speed, a Dynamo can't last long in the open. By sticking together with your teammates, or taking advantage of cover, you can stay alive and keep the kills going.

    Tips for Modes
    Turf War:


    Just don't

    The Dynamo roller can get kills like few other weapons, and exert incredible pressure, but it just can't paint on the level you would need for a turf war. Even with Dynamo as one of my main weapons, I NEVER bring it into Turf War.

    Splat Zones:

    Paint zones with vertical flicks. Camp/Shark near the zones. Don't push an enemy zone alone. Wait for a teammate so you can paint more effeciently. Put Ink Mines in the zone.


    Be careful of ink tank when inking the shield. Use vertical flicks to path make for the rainmaker. Pressure enemies away from the rainmaker before picking it up.

    Tower Control:
    Use horizontal flicks to kill enemies that have the tower. Roll to kill enemies if you're on top of the tower yourself. Ink around the tower as you advance, don't let them get to close. Place Ink Mines on the tower.

    Dynamo Roller. Sub weapon is Ink Mines, special is Stingray. Ink Mines are good for camping, and Stingray allows you to step back and get kills from further away. Consider jumping to spawn for greater stingray usage. This set fills a support role nicely.
    Gold Dynamo Roller: Section Coming Soon


    I'm not going to sit here and outline the perfect set, but I have some suggestions.

    Swim/Run Speed Up:
    When using the Dynamo Roller, you get a speed penalty. Using these gear abilities will help counteract that, and help round out your set.

    Ink Saver Main:
    Using some of these can get you several more flicks out of an ink tank. One main gear ability of ink saver main will get you up to seven flicks, and a second will get you to eight. After that I can't comment, but I always use at least one on my set. The extra ammo will save you more times than you can count.

    Disclaimer: Most of the don'ts I've written in this guide are just suggestions. Once your comfortable with the weapon, feel free to start to sneak some of them in, such as rolling a little bit when the situation calls for it. Still don't play turf war. Never play turf war.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Awful Sniper
    Awful Sniper
    It generally agree with all of this and I am a good (Gold) Dynamo Roller Player though Main Power Up is way more beneficial than Run Speed Up most heavies are completely useless with it. Main power increases OHKO range
  2. blep
    Fair, but lackluster. In desperate need of an update.
  3. Enperry
    Very helpful! The writer explained the DR very well and gave constructive tips.
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