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Splatoon 2 Super Jumping Safety for the Smart Squid

Why hello, I’m new here, but I thought I’d post this anyway. Since before the release of Splatoon 2, I have been wanting to dive into Competitive play, much more than I did in the first game. As such, I have been playing Quite a bit in my free time, and I have picked up on some things. After some further research, I would like to present to you my compilation on tips and tricks when Super Jumping.

Now, with my current main of the OG splattershot, I super jump a lot. It is useful for getting back into the action after a splat, Making a getaway from risky situations, and flying across the map swiftly. However, it does not come without it’s risks, the most notable being that pesky indicator letting the opposing team know where you’re landing. Of course, with some strategy, this can be worked around.

In my time looking into this matter, i have come up with two basic rules every super jump must be aware of;

1) Always look where you are jumping. Super jumping gives you a pretty sweet bird’s eye view of your landing zone, use it.

2) Never jump without a plan.

The latter is where the rest of this guide comes in. Here are some easy ways to avoid meeting ink on touchdown, and have a safe landing.

A) Don’t jump into the front lines.
If you for any reason don’t have anything to protect yourself from a super jumping accident, don’t risk it. If you open your map, maybe don’t jump to your teammate who’s engaged in combat. They might splat the opponent before you get there, but they might not. They might not.

B) Stealth Jump
Returning from the first game is the ever so faithful Stealth Jump ability. This makes your super jump invisible to your enemies, making it so that you can jump into battle and none will be the wiser, making it good for sneak attacks. Beware however, if you jumped to your combating buddy and said buddy lost the match, you might be diving into enemy ink with no quick escape.

C) Drop Roller
A brand new ability in Splatoon 2 that allows an inkling to make a quick little dodge roll upon landing. The player chooses where they roll by holding the left analog stick in the desired direction before touching down. Just make sure you watch where you’re landing and roll in the correct direction. If you roll forward toward an enemy, you might as well have not moved at all.

D) Dualies
The brand new Dualie type weapons come with an innate ability to dodge roll as you shoot. Use this to your advantage. If you happen to not be running Drop roller, this can easily substitute. Make sure you are shooting on your way down and as soon as you hit the ground, hit that B button and dodge to your desired location. Just be aware that dodging with dualies leaves you unable to move for a moment.

E) Splashdown
This is my personal favorite, as a Splattershot main. The new Splashdown Special has your inkling jump up in the air, and slam down into the ground with a mighty inksplosion that will splat everyone within range (in theory). The best part? It can be activated in the middle of a super jump! Not only that, but a super jump will actually make the blast radius almost twice as wide! Super jump with your special meter filled up, and watch as sharks become shark bait. I’ve noticed that people tend to be too focused on your jump indicator to notice the splashdown one. Just be warned, if you’re jumping into charger or splatling fire, you’re at a disadvantage. Furthermore, make sure you watch where you land. If no one is there and you splashdown into your own ink, its an effort wasted.

F) Bombs
Any bombs. All the bombs. Just no bomb rushes (Doesn’t work, I tried). While this won’t necessarily protect you from a splat, it will help any teammates around you and might get you a revenge kill. Useful for when you make a jumping mistake.


- If you are going to use ink armor to protect your jumps, use it right before launch. You Can’t use it in the air and it takes too long to activate upon landing.

- If you see a teammate jumping to you, protect them! Make sure they don’t have to sit through respawn again.

- If you run inkjet, the basic rules apply to you too! Always have a landing strategy, because if you aren't splatted in the air, you very well could be when you hit the ground.

- Super Jumping to spawn is Viable! Its often faster than swimming if you need to protect your base, as well as an easy jumping target for getaways.

- Speaking of getaways, Don’t make a getaway jump right in front of your enemy. You will die. Gain some distance first, and Have some quick jump abilities on you to help make things safer.

- Feel free to mix and match some things! Personally I use Splashdown, but I also like to carry Drop Roller in case of charger mischief.

And that’s It! I hope this was helpful and I hope that you all will practice proper super jump safety. Or you can use this to foil smart jumpers. Up to you. If you have any other strats, feel free to share! Thanks for giving this a read~
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Great guide but it should be noted that opposing Inklings can see a Stealth Jump if close enough.
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