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This Is My Rifle (this is not a video) (in progress)

blep explains the Splat Charger:


and more in This Is My Rifle. See Discussion for the guide because I can't make videos
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Even as a work in progress this guide presents a myriad of useful facts about the weapon. It's fun and humorous while still providing the pertinent information necessary to mastering the Charger. I specifically liked the inclusion of the exact numbers for info such as the time you can hold your charge and the percentage of ink lost per shot. I'd like to see a little more info added to each kit, and would like to see some gear suggestions. Overall it's a great guide so far! Keep up the good work!
Why, thank you! As mentioned, I will be mainly discussing the original and Firefin variants, but gear suggestions are absolutely on the way! Thanks for stopping by! :D
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