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Turf War Basics and Line Theory

An in depth break down of the basics of Turf War

  1. VideoGameVirtuoso
    Good theory and concepts presented about Turf Wars, and how they apply towards the metagame.
  2. Phlox
    Really great guide on the basics, and a lot of this also applies to Ranked Mode. Only thing that I may add is certain map-specific tips on the line as some of these maps can be confusing (Saltspray Rig, as has already been said, is a major one. Flounder Heights is also this to some extent, although this one was released far after this guide was made.)
  3. Robochao
    Good opening to a discussion, but needs more!

    You do touch on the absolute necessities on how to approach Turf War mentally, but the Super Jump mechanic is left out and can't be neglected. It actually scatters the line break situation into more than just retreat or get pincer'd.

    Super Jump is an ability that is offered to every player without cost and complicates the situation of a broken-up team. A team is absolutely able to win even without retreating or sending a maintenance crew for clean-up - I've seen plenty of situations where one team responds to a base invasion by a continuous counter-aggression on the enemy base and spawn point. When you have a team of 3-4 in your base, your one teammate constantly inking their home territory does not ensure a territory advantage.

    Then you have maps like SSR which can have either more than one line of contention or possibly none at all (absolute chaos!).

    Looking forward to more :)
    1. The Apple BOOM
      Author's Response
      I thought Super Jumping was an implied thing, but after reading your review, I think you are right in that it isn't addressed enough. I will be adding it soon.
  4. Cholly266
    I thought of the map this way at the end of games when trying to estimate who covered more turf before Judd dropped the flag, but I never thought of doing this mid match. Wow I feel dumb. This is a useful way of looking at the game! I think the strategies that arise from the theory could be applied to Saltspray Rig, which you mention. Keep up the good work.
    1. The Apple BOOM
      Author's Response
      Thanks. I plan on doing a Saltspray specific guide in the future, but I want to get down the 4 basic weapons first.
  5. jpmrocks
    Amazing work!
  6. missingno
    Excellent summary, I've gotten into too many arguments trying to explain these concepts to people who think the base is a bigger priority than mid or want to risk spawn camping when they could safely hold a choke point instead.

    ASCII diagram needs fixing though, put it in a [CODE] block for a fixed-width font and multiple spaces not getting ignored.
    1. The Apple BOOM
      Author's Response
      Updated the graphic with a simple PNG.
  7. <π.
    From what I read everything was solid and made a lot of sense.

    My biggest issue The ASCII picture was really primitive and hard to understand. I almost think you could have done just as well without it. But a picture (or pictures) could have really brought this to the next level helping to illustrate your points clearer.
    Next for whatever reason (maybe I just want to play splatoon?) I had trouble just sitting still and reading it straight through. It didn't keep me hooked or interested even though the information was intelligent.

    So why 4 stars? If I have all of these issues?
    I think this is a great read for people who are just getting into splatoon as a competitive game. far too many people try to play death match and don't think about controlling space which is the main point of the game.
    I think this very clearly explains what the actual rules of engagement are and what the real goals look like.

    I look forward to more work from you TAB.
    1. The Apple BOOM
      Author's Response
      I definitely plan on updating this, so thank you for the feedback. I also appreciate the realistic 4 out of 5 instead of just "10 out of 10, would read again."
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