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Turf Wars/Splatfest: CHAOS GUIDE

Turf Wars strategy guide,

  1. Helio

    CHAOS GUIDE: Turf Wars (Splatfest): Advanced Turf War (TW) strategy guide.

    WHAT IS A CHAOS GUIDE: Ink or Kill? In TW you don't have chat, you can't coordinate, you have to strategize in a chaotic environment, this guide helps with strategy and wins are guaranteed. You can view my Rainmaker: CHAOS GUIDE here.

    TL, DR: In TW Play your role, your role is based upon your weapon, change your play style based upon weapons in your team or in other team. You're probably already doing it anyways. Follow the plans here when you get good change them up.

    SKILLZ/WEAPON CHOICE: if you don't know what weapon to use grab a roller, airospray or one of the splattershots. This guide is about strategy not skills or weapon choice. My quick suggestion is that you play the entire single player mode and watch these YouTube channels Squid Kids and Nintendome.


    ASSUMPTIONS IN TURF WARS: you know the mode, the map, your teams weapons and your opponents weapons, you can make assumptions based upon what you know and based upon those assumptions play better. You have 4 mates and you cannot paint more turf than opponent unless you work together but you can't talk to them. Generally the answer to "I can't seem to win turf wars" or "I kill 20 and I lose" or "My teammates make me lose" or "turf wars is so random" is to follow this guide play your role, know the map, etc.


    I think it is helpful to think of TW as a piece of paper on the table and you and your opponent have to paint it as fast as possible and the person with the most paint wins. Keep your painting hand painting, with your non painting hand smack em around, maybe kick them under the table. Always paint. Defend and attack in a way that allows you to keep painting. (It's a an ok analogy)


    MODE IS TURF WARS: YES! Finally I can splat everyone I see it is like a colorful Free For All Melee, RAWWRRR! I killed 20 and still lost, maybe I should be inking and not killing? Wait what ARG. TW is rough all the action is in last minute. You can make assumptions about what everyone is going to do based upon the mode. Here are the common plans:

    a. PLAN A: quickly paint a line to the middle of the map. Own the middle of the map by keeping opponent out of middle. Go splat opponents that have snuck between middle and your spawn point. Kill every opponent you see RAWR! Ink your side when you die. Push opponent back toward their spawn point. Try and spawn trap every game. Last 30 sec make a mad dash toward their side of the map.

    b. PLAN B: Paint, paint, paint! Goal is 1000 paint points every game. Avoid conflict where opponent has seen you, only ninja kill from behind or above. Charge a special and fire it at 0:60 seconds left, then charge opponents to ink their side.

    c. PLAN C: Know that opponent will be charging and splat them when they over extend into your ink. Then attack.

    d. PLAN D: wait for splatfest to end because TW is too hard. Am I right?

    1. Perfect plan is to own middle of map, never let opponent get on your side, push opponent to be spawn-trapped.
    2. Be Aware of where mates are. Look at map at least every time you die.
    3. Default plan is plan a or b, probably b if your less skilled.
    4. Don't get spawn trapped, if they're not great fighters kill them, if they are you can super jump or run through their blockade and paint their side.
    5. DEFENSE is important but....all ink painted counts whether it is on your side or their side. Almost smarter to ink where enemy isn't than to cancel each other (kill/die).
    6. Remember a team that has four people with 1000 paint points will almost always win.


    MAP: You can make assumptions based upon the map as to what the other team and your mates are going to do. Honestly knowing the map really well is the best way smite fools in TW.

    1. Paint! Paint a lot. Brainlessly inking is the best way to help team if you don't know what to do.
    2. Own middle.
    3. Last 30 seconds, PUSH, PUSH, PUSH. Don't die. Really don't die in last 30 sec. Your team can't win with you not shooting ink for last 30 sec.
    4. Know where typical charger nests are, know how to splat them from side or behind with your weapon.
    5. Take different routes through map.
    6. People charge up special and use it whenever charged, but especially effective in last minute, such as bomb rush to own the middle. Remember that your special, bomb rush and killer wail also tell opponent your location.
    7. If spawn trapping remember that blind corners are your friend. Also remember that if there is opponent ink at a blind corner might be an opponent hiding.
    8. Macro map knowledge. Know all the routes through the map. Use them all.
    9. Micro map knowledge. Know all the blind corners, the chokeholds, where every idiot opponent squids to get back to center. Also never take same route back to center, people hide behind blind corners to kill you, shocking. There are little blocks you can hide behind. Spray ink around blind corners and hidden blocks, people sit in the same places just shoot there whenever there is opponent ink there.
    10. Only super jump to mates that are mostly surrounded by their own ink. Don't super jump if you see an opponent anywhere near jump location. Once land move, usually a charger that your jumping to and you don't want to block their shot. Most good players squid to front most of the time.


    YOUR TEAM'S WEAPONS: your weapon has certain things that it is good at and certain things that it sucks at. Your weapon determines your strengths and weaknesses and your teammates, you can assume your mates roles or compensate for missing roles:

    A. Rollers: Assume that they will brainlessly roll ahead and and die as often as they kill. What they should do: Roll baby roll. If you ink less than 900 you should hang your head in shame and pound the ground with your fist. Don't: take on shooters one on one unless you can sneak to their side or from behind. You are an OHKO ninja, but your range is bad. The shooter will just back up shooting you till you die. If a shooter is guarding a corner you probably should go the other way.

    B. Medium to Short Range Shooters: assume that they'll mindlessly shoot things. What they should do: it is your job to own the middle while inking everything up, almost like a simple task of keeping enemy rollers out of the middle of the map. Take good kill shots and avoid bad or risky ones.
    Don't: hide or stay in own ink. You always want to be laying ink, your goal is 800 ink points. Don't push too far

    C. Charger and Longer Range Shooters: assume that they will sit in their favorite spot far away from the action and shoot things that walk into their cross hairs thinking they're really important and only get 160 ink points.
    What they should do: lay ink, move around a lot, there is not a center focus to the fighting like other modes, pretty disperse fighting and fast moving targets. Try to get 600 ink points. Don't hide, keep laying ink, nice little stripes everywhere.
    Don't: sit in one spot for more than 10 seconds.
    (Long range shooters being Squiffer or longer)

    D. brushes: just paint daisies in the corner.

    Your Team's Weapon Type Pointers:
    1. Know the map. (Just so important)
    2. Different maps do lend themselves to different weapons. Also rollers rock at laying ink.
    3. Don't waste ink on subs that suck. Good sub weapons are: sprinklers, bombs, walls. Your main weapon throws more ink. Beacons are not all that useful in this mode.
    4. You have to compensate for missing weapon types. Best team is well rounded and is generally two rollers, one or two short/med shooters and one chargers/long range. But at least one charger and at least two rollers.
    5. If your team has more than two chargers, and you're a charger you should ink as much as you can. Assume the other charger will do typical charger things. You will lose, even @littlesounddj can't help you.
    6. If your team is all rollers then you win!
    7. If your team is all chargers then you lose! Probably, unless it is Moray Towers. Lay ink cause your mates won't be. Three @littlesounddj s can't help you.
    8. Specials that throw ink are better. Inkstrike, Zooka and bomb rush. Echolocator is always good but it doesn't throw paint.


    YOUR OPPONENTS WEAPONS: tells you a little about what to expect in the battle.

    Opponent Weapon Type Pointers:
    1. The main point is whether there is a charger/long range shooter or not. Some chargers are like gods and need special attention to be splatted. If there is a charger you have to splat the charger nests. Use your Sub, Special or rush the nest, in that order.

    Thanks. Keep in mind this is for turf wars and there is no rank filter, remember you might be playing against a god or a demigod. As you may have noticed I'm working on a guide for all modes. Sorry for any repetition.

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