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Recent content by Aykorn

  1. Aykorn

    Weapon Nicknames

    I'm specifically liking this for the optiic blast
  2. Aykorn

    Splatoon lore: Weapon Manufacturers

    Oh whoops, sorry. That's a seeker, sub weapon.
  3. Aykorn

    Splatoon lore: Weapon Manufacturers

    The logo is the Deco brand rotated thrice, it has the row of arrows, and the material looks similar to the slosher and Carbon handles. It's definitely "Deco."
  4. Aykorn

    Classic Squiffer: Analysis and Thoughts Thread

    Has anyone else tried out the Squiffer in Rainmaker? I don't know about anyone else, but it's speed+power+range makes it good at breaking the shield, it creates good paths for the rainmaker, and people focusing on killing the shield are ripe for one-shoting. >.> I've never been that confident...
  5. Aykorn

    Splatoon lore: Weapon Manufacturers

    SquidForce is also the brand for Splatfest T-shirts. I think it's safe to say they're a driving force for setting up Ink Battles in general.
  6. Aykorn

    Weapon Nicknames

    Oh snap, saying you're going to purge the competition is so much more bad ***. Thank you, Finnish language.
  7. Aykorn

    Camp Triggerfish Shortcut

    Looks like you bounce off the first bumper and aim to land on the next. This is totally useless in tower control, but this shortcut looks super helpful anytime else.
  8. Aykorn

    Weapon Nicknames

    I've started calling E-liters "God hands" because pecking people off unsuspecting people with it's range feels like toying with the battlefield. Squiffers are also "glorified Windex bottles" but I only say that because I completely adore them. Also they're good at cleaning up the competition...
  9. Aykorn

    Charger Players; What is your favorite Charger and why?

    I don't know if I'd say I'm a charger player, because out of all of them I use mostly the New Squiffer, but yeah, the New Squiffer is my favorite. The short charge time gives you quicker one-shot splats, even if the Squiffer does have range issues. Also, I'm surprised people seem to like the...
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