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D.A.S 7 SquidKid Playz

Yea man go Celtics. Kemba is better than Kyrie. Tatum is the next Giannis. Stephen A. Smith is a legend. Jaylen Brown is the next Kawhi. Marcus Smart is untouchable. Al Horford is not a 76er. Tacko Fall is the GOAT.




Yo! I'm David7 (Just call me David)! I'm 14 years old, am in 8th grade, love dogs, likes pizza, and is just a guy who likes to chill! :D I love family and friends and I believe in Jesus. I play Super Mario Maker, and enjoy making levels for others to enjoy. I like basketball and watch NBA. My favorite team is the Boston Celtics. #CelticNation! #Let'sGoCeltics! :D

R.I.P. Miiverse ~ 2012-2017

"Frickety frick frick"

I usually don't swear, but when I get super angry, I do swear a lot sometimes.

I'm hoping to get a Nintendo Switch for 2017 Christmas in a month.

Welp, thanks for reading this signature.


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