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Hello! I’m a Nintendo nerd and artist, with interests in Mario and Splatoon. I own both games if you want to play. Contact with any questions! I love to help!
September 22
Inkopolis, born and raised!
Full time Inkling


Call me Ginger or Gari! (Wii U: ND⭐Journ, Switch: GingerGari)
Level: 48 Salmon Run Rank: Profreshional 200 Ranks: Splat Zones: S+ 3 Tower Control: S Rainmaker: S Clam Blitz: S
Mains: Inkbrush/Noveau, N-Zap '89, Neo Sploosh, trying Carbon Deco, Explosher, & Bloblobber
Teams: (Ice Cream, Ketchup, Flight,) Werewolf, Sci-Fi, Sweater, Action, Love, Chicken, Baseball, Leo, Donnie, Donnie, No Pulp, Octopus, Fork, Retro, (Treat), Salsa, (Hero), Family, Waffles, Knight, Hare
TeePublic: https://www.teepublic.com/user/ginger_gari
Art Blog: https://gingergari.tumblr.com


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