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Hey there my name is Saber and I am a huge fan of splatoon, I do a lot of weapon anaylsis, and strategizing...in between the occasional jokes or drawings
I also spend alot defending non meta weapons especially weapons that are normally unpopular (love the squiffer)
as well as analyizing player habbits to understand how other play and teach myself to play better

In my time playing this game I have ran accross many content creators such as thatsrb2dude, Demenator, Whitehawke, Michellepoww, Octoboy, and members of many famous squads which has been really cool experience
If you want to play my switch ID is in my signature and I also go by InkfintiySaber for twitch

Hope to see you in game


Switch Friend Code
Twitch Username


Friend Code: SW-0369-4203-0233 Plays: Rougelikes, Icarus, League, Smash Bros, Mario kart (anything Nintendo), etc
Rank X (+2100) Twitch: Inkfinity_Saber

Mains: Explosher, tentabrella, squiffer, L-3 nozzlehose, memes Tries: Every weapon that isn't meta
Despises: META


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