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A SMASHing Inkling (a what if Smash thread)

Discussion in 'The Crispy Calamari - Off-Topic Discussion' started by Gameboy224, May 23, 2017.

  1. Gameboy224

    Gameboy224 Inkling Fleet Admiral

    Sep 20, 2015
    Likes Received:
    I'm pretty sure this thread has probably been made at one point, but I'm going to do this anyways.

    The question is simple (actually not really).
    With Inkling almost being a shoe in to make it into Smash whether it be a deluxe version or Smash 5 (I mean really, Splatoon has pretty much risen the ranks as one of Nintendo's star IPs), how do you think or want Inkling to play, function, appear, etc.?

    For the sake of it I'm going to put a template for their moves. Custom special optional.
    F Tilt:
    U Tilt:
    D Tilt:
    Dash Attack:

    F Smash:
    U Smash:
    D Smash:

    N Air:
    F Air:
    B Air:
    U Air:
    D Air:

    F Throw:
    B Throw:
    U Throw:
    D Throw:

    Edge Attack:

    N Special:
    S Special:
    U Special:
    D Special:
    Final Smash:

    My go at it.

    Appearance: The default inkling design will be the expected orange, Splatoon 1 Inkling Girl with the same getup as her Amiibo. Alts will include:
    • Blue Inkling Boy, same appearance as Amiibo.
    • Pink Splatoon 2 cover Inkling Girl with the bob cut.
    • Green Splatoon 2 cover Inkling Boy with the spiked hair.
    • Turquoise Inkling Girl with the new comb over hairstyle. Not sure the gear.
    • Purple Inkling Boy with the new comb over hairstyle. Not sure the gear.
    • Yellow Inkling Girl with the new knot hairstyle. Not sure the gear.
    • Lime Inkling Boy with the new buzz cut hairstyle. Not sure the gear.

    S Taunt: The last part of the Roller win pose in Splatoon 1.
    U Taunt: Inkling Girl's Splatoon 2 Splat Dualie win animation.
    D Taunt: Turning into a squid for a second. Just turning into a squid. Will dive into your ink if you're standing on top of it.

    Their default stance will be the typical holding a Shooter weapon stance and they'll always have a Splattershot as their default weapon.

    Neutral: This is going to be weird, but a basic mix of short ranged punches and pistol whips. To be exacts, a jab with their left arm, followed by a punch from their Splattershot, a pistol whip, and finished by a kick.
    F Tilt: A swipe with the Inkbrush.
    U Tilt: An arc swipe with the Inkbrush.
    D Tilt: A crouch swipe with the Inkbrush.
    Dash Attack: Grab the Splat Rolling and do a forward roll with it. It might not as lethal as it is in Splatoon but it'll sure knock opponents away.

    F Smash: Charge and hold back a Splat Roller, when released slam it down. The smash point will be point blank where the roller itself hit, the ink spread from it will have little smash power.
    U Smash: Charge with a Slosher in their hand, when released they throw a vertical sploosh of ink straight up. Ink only has high smash power on the way up.
    D Smash: Charge with the Inkbrush, when released do a circle slash (like Shulk's D Smash).

    N Air: A horizontal twirl with the Inkbrush.
    F Air: A forward swipe with the Inkbrush.
    B Air: Four backwards under the leg shots with the Splat Dualies.
    U Air: Swing the Slosher shooting ink above you in an abnormal odd arc.
    D Air: A downward shot with the Blaster. This is a spike.

    Grab/Pummel: Typical grab and pistol whips to pummel.
    F Throw: Swipe them with an Inkbrush sending them flying forwards.
    B Throw: Throw them back and fire a barrage of ink with the Heavy Splatling.
    U Throw: Throw them straight up and fire a barrage of ink with the Splat Dualies.
    D Throw: Throw them down and smash them with the Splat Roller.

    Recovery: Inkling do a breakdance flare cause gotta be hip. The kicks will have ink surrounding them.
    Edge Attack: Turn into a Kraken for a moment and do a spin jump attack on the ledge.

    N Special: Ink Shot. Your basic Splattershot style firing ink type of attack. Bullet don't have super long range and will arc. The firing rate will not actually be exactly the same just for gameplay reasons, it will be more like Dual Squelcher firing rate. You can hold the special button and continue to fire while moving. Cannot hold it indefinitely.
    • Custom 1: Blaster Shot. While the weapon you hold itself will not change, what it fires will. In this case changed to be like a Blaster. Shoot straight and explode, same rules as above apply. Cannot hold it indefinitely.
    • Custom 2: Long Shot. Firing rate decreased to half but range of the shots doubled.
    S Special: Splat Charger. Charge you Splat Charger and fire a long horizontal shot. At full charge it has Smash Attack power. Charge cannot be held forever just like Smash Attacks. At full charge the range is about 3/4 of WiiU Final Destination. About a 1.5 second charge.
    • Custom 1: E-liter 3K. Almost identical except the range is increased to the full length of Final Destination but the charge is increased by 1.5x.
    • Custom 2: Classic Squiffer. Range of only half Final Destination but half the charge time.
    U Special: Super Jump. Turn into a squid and super jump, can be angled. Does not do any damage.
    • Custom 1: Tornado Jump. Turn into a squid and super jump but with less height. Leaves behind a spiral trail of ink which can damage foes.
    • Custom 2: Roller Jump. Turn into a squid and super jump but with less height, however at the peak of your arc you will slam down with the Splat Roller.
    D Special: Splat Bomb. Thrown in an arc, will not explode upon contact, will still hit targets. Explodes a short time after being thrown. These exploding are highly deadly.
    • Custom 1: Burst Bomb. Thrown the same but these do explode on contact. Do not have significant smash power or damage.
    • Custom 2: Curling Bomb. These will only slide on the floor, they travel faster horizontally that Splat Bombs. But will explode after a certain time similar to Splat Bomb.
    Final Smash:
    • Idea 1: Inkstrike: Summon the inkstrike which fires into the air and quickly lands where the Inkling is creating an infinitely vertical pillar of ink.
    • Idea 2: Splashdown. Plain and simple, it is Splashdown jump into the air and slam the ground causing the area around you to explode in ink of deadly power.

    Other mechanics.
    Most of their attacks will cover the ground with ink.
    Ink increases Inkling movement by 20%. Decreases any other enemies ground movements by 10%. Decreases their initial jump height by 20%.
    If the Inkling is dashing over any significant amount of ink greater than 1/5 of Final Destination, they'll transform into a squid and swim through it. this will significantly decrease their vertical hitbox but there will still be a noticeable lump of ink where they're swimming so they aren't invisible.
    Ink lasts about 4 seconds before it dissipates.
    #1 Gameboy224, May 23, 2017
    Last edited: May 23, 2017
  2. Dessgeega

    Dessgeega Squid Savior From the Future

    Feb 23, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Switch Friend Code:
    I think their Smash debut would have to really emphasize the ridiculous speed of Splatoon - they'd have to be at least as fast as Fox. Light too, considering we get splatted in second fractions. Sorta like Sonic, but better :p
  3. Ulk

    Ulk Inkling Cadet

    Apr 18, 2016
    Likes Received:
    For specials I'd let suggest:

    Neutral B: Charger Shot. Start-Up: 17/22/32/37 (1/6/16/21) [Uncharged] | 17/22/32/37/47/52/62/66/76/81/91/95/105/110/120/125 [Charged] (Based on Bullet Climax). Lag: 30. Same hitbox as ROB's neutral B using the same knockback angle as Bayonetta's Bullet Climax, as well as the same knockback multiplied by 1.5 with a damage output of 9% when charged and same knockback as fully charged Bullet Climax when uncharged. Range varies depending on level of charge.

    Down B: Splatroller Fling. Start-Up: 25. Lag: 42. Equal hitbox to Donkey Kong's F-Air with a weaker 30° angle spike hitbox equaling that of Wii Fit Trainer at the roller hitbox itself with a damage output of 14%. Ink extends the hitbox and serves as either projectile or windbox. Has no spike hitbox itself though. In the air, roller hitbox and extended hitbox through ink are increased, but spike hitbox is removes, and if a windhitbox is used, it's severely reduced as well.

    Up B: Super Jump.Start-Up: 36. Lag: 40. Same range as Lucario's Extremespeed at 50% damage or so, with enabled hitbox but no mobility. Angle being the same as Peach's Up B (Inklings need good air speed in return for that). During start-up, fall speed is reduced to 75% of its original value. Does not collide with sliding surfaces and can be ledge-canceled. Undecided on the damage output.

    Side B: Splat Dualies Shot: Start-Up: 21. Lag: 25. Move is pretty much based on Fox Illusion entirely. The Inkling rolls a certain distance past the enemy. After doing, the Inkling is automatically facing the opposite direction and shooting with the Dualies. 40% less range than Illusion as well as worse as recovery option, as, like in Splatoon 2, in the air the Inkling would roll towards the ground. However a lot less laggy and more useful for neutral. Also could serve as a combo starter if placed correctly through the hit stun of the shots. Also undecided on the damage output.

    Unique Mechanic: Inkspread. After using a special, the hitbox will temporarily ink the surface it crossed. On top of inked surfaces, when an Inkling dashes, he swims across that ink with a decreased hurtbox and recieves a dash speed of 3.25 (just below Sonic), as well as a unique dash attack that allows for combo set-ups he cannot get under normal circumstances. Dash speed in human form should be accordingly low, like in the games.

    Also when a dodge move is performed on top of an inked surface, the Inkling also dives into his ink, performing a faster dodge move with shorter duration (3-12, fastest in the game).

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