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Best Idea Ever


Inkster Jr.
May 4, 2023
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Ok, so splatoon has a very big emphasis on style. Part of this "style" and "freshness" theme is fashion and clothing. You get to choose what you wear and express yourself through that.


With the gear comes abilities. Ninja squid, quick respawn, etc. The gear abilities throw a wrench into everything. We all know how much of a grindfest it is to get a gear build you want. So let's say you use tetra dualies(as a non-specific example) and you get full QR on this pair of sunglasses. Then, you get a headphones/beanie piece of headgear that you really like(as a non-specific example). Your options are spend hours grinding for qr chunks AGAIN, or sacrifice the abilities for style.

This is a problem. But I have a solution. Picture this: You go up to Murch in the square and tell him of your sunglasses/qr woes. He offers a solution. "Oi mate, if you giive me a few thousand coins, I can use the power of my australian accent and switch the abilities of those two pieces of gear."

BOOM. PROBLEM SOLVED. You can only switch headgear abilities with headgear abilities, shoe abilities with shoe abilities, etc. You can only switch gear with 3 abilities with gear with 3 abilities, etc, BUT you can switch unknown abilities with known ones, meaning that as soon as you get a new piece of gear, you can take it to murch and switch it immediately. And even if you can only switch known gear abilities, the most grinding you have to do is 3 abilities AT MOST, which is way less then what you have to do to get enough chunks to make another full build.

Honestly, I'm shocked nintendo hasn't implemented this yet, splatoon is such a fashion-centered game and this would add so much more clothing diversity smh

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