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Chill Season Nerfs/Buffs Hopes

The Salamander King

Jun 23, 2016
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As the title suggests, these are what I hope gets nerfed/buffed in the Chill Season update:

- Tentamissiles: Firing missiles now takes a few seconds like it did in Splatoon 2 version 1.0. Missiles can now only lock on to enemies that the user has direct line of sight on (the user can still see enemies behind cover, they just can't fire missiles at them).

- Crab Tank: HP decreased by 50 (500HP-->450HP).

+ Angle Shooter: Damage increased from 30 to 40 on direct hit. Throwing range increased by 50%. Ink usage decreased from 40% to 30%.

+ Toxic Mist: Throwing a Toxic Mist directly onto an enemy player will give that player the same lingering de-buffs that Disrupter gave in Splatoon 1.

+ Wave Breaker: The Special Power Up ability now increases throwing range of the Wave Breaker.

- Big Bubbler: Reduce time active on Tower from ~8.5 seconds to ~7.5 seconds.

+ Brellas: I'm not knowledgeable enough about Brellas but I know they need some serious help right now. I think they need some kind of buff to their droplet damage but I can't be exactly sure.


Let me know what you think about these changes.


Pro Squid
Jun 2, 2015
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Most of those sound pretty nice. I think I'd like a speed boost to fired Tenta Missiles, too, to make it harder to trip over each other's missiles.
I'm not so sure about the Toxic Mist buff, though. Disruptors were fun to use but extremely frustrating to play against. Getting a direct hit should do SOMETHING, though - I'm just not sure what without making it a pain to fight against.


Inkster Jr.
May 9, 2020
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That Tenta Missile nerf is pretty great honestly. It still retains the potential of the special while making it harder to achieve that potential. It forces people to position themselves in a way that it could leave them vulnerable as opposed to just finding cover and popping it. Opponents can also quickly break LOS to prevent getting targeted as a way to counter it. It also helps Killer Wail be considered more as an alternative option while still being distinct as a special.

Not much to comment on Crab Tank nerf as it is rather miniscule.

Angle Shooter buff is reasonable too. I do feel that maybe the 50% extra range thing gets added to Sub Power instead for it. But I also don't have much experience with Angle Shooter so maybe it really does need the increased range to be there by default.

That Toxic Mist buff though is a bit much. I'd rather they change it to if you hit players the initial impact with Mist it applies its movement-impairing and ink-draining debuffs with greater efficacy as opposed to running into the cloud. But even then it's hard to buff mist because movement impairing effects tend to feel bad to fight against.

Wave Breaker buff is alright. Don't think people are going to wear Special Power for it unless it's a noticeable increase.

Big Bubbler absolutely needs that nerf. The duration could even be shorter IMO.

I'm also not knowledgeable on brellas so I can't comment.

And E-Liter, yeah, sounds about right.

Pretty good changes overall. I'd like to see them all minus the Toxic Mist change.


Oct 19, 2015
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Honestly I feel like two seperate abilities need a solid buff

Haunt and thermal ink
Thermal ink made a player visible to all members on a team or at very least had a better indicator cuz unless there is a wall. Plus indirect hits (aoe doesn't count nor can you see them if they swim in ink)

Same for haunt, it offers a ton of benefits dmg up, def up, movespeed, respawn punisher if you get revenge, and multiple can be applied multiple to multiple enemies.
However, for a ability that requires you to be at such a disadvantage it has so many downside
, LDE which also require disadvantage give you 24 ink efficiency and lastly 30 sec or 3 mins depending on the teams push

Haunt last maybe 0secs or maybe 10 if you team is bad cuz you lose all of those benefits if your allies splat the tagged enemy before you so here are the changes I would make

* If an ally kills an tagged enemy (enemy who splatted you while you are still respawn) give special saver and reduce respawn time
Essentially give it an effect like the taticooler for revenge splats, cuz at least then you teammate can negate the disadvantage state even if you don't get the whole suite of buffs

Thermal ink -
Let player see enemies swimming in ink,
and remove indirect shot nerf
Or making the idicator leave a aura effct on the enemy like old school toxic mist
This small change would completely shift the meta right now shooter have no reason to run it cuz they splat too quick.
BUT with the prevalence of ninja squid thermal ink would give a huge benefit and counter the sharking.

Plus for a ability that this feels perfectly suited for blasters, slingers and explosher/ trisolsher don't get benefit unless they have perfect accuracy so let them have the buff

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