Favorite weapon for each mode


Inkster Jr.
Jun 12, 2023
I usually stick to the same weapons for every mode, but generally,
  • Splat Zones: Zink Mini Splatling, for some reason I seem to be unstoppable with that thing in zones, paints great and puts a ton of Big Bubblers on the zone.
  • Tower Control: Gloogas, this is a recent development but I've begun to play them a lot, they're great at knocking people off the tower safely by shooting behind the splash wall, plus they have Booyah Bomb which is always helpful in TC
  • Rainmaker: Bamboozler pops the shield in less than 2 seconds with object shredder and can splat the rainmaker carrier from far away before they can react, need I say more.
  • Clam Blitz: Slosher seems to go really well for me on Clam Blitz, nothing about its kit is particularly helpful but it works out in the end regardless.
  • Turf War: this one is kinda where I just play random weapons or warm up for the ranked modes but I've played and won enough turf wars with Squiffer to get the silver flag so I'll go with that.

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