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Jul 2, 2018
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I've been one-tricking the Hydra Splatling since about Mid-Splatoon 2. I have a lot of history with it. Went into competitive briefly with it. It's the first weapon I've gotten to 5 stars in S3, and no other stands even close.

Now, Hydra is far from the strongest weapon out there. (I mean, it is the strongest weapon in, like, DPS, but not meta-relevant. You know what I mean.) However, I've found it satisfying enough to play that I'd stuck with it. It's good. I like it.

But then... Ballpoint.

Now, I'd played with Ballpoint previously. Played it on S2 release when it was busted as hell, touched it on occasion, wasn't for me. Hydra felt more effective at what I wanted to do, especially because the Custom Hydra had mines and, more importantly, Ink Armor. Now, Ballpoint had good kits too. BPN's beakons did go hard when I tried it. Not for me, though, once again.

However, after being relatively burnt out on S3 and taking a break for a while, I played a few games in Anarchy. Some with Hydra in Blitz... and some with Ballpoint in Rainmaker.

And God did it feel good. And I don't know how I feel about that.

I'll probably play with Ballpoint more, to more solidify what I want to run with it, and moreso, how I feel about it. But it does hurt a little that I'm seriously considering stepping away from a main weapon I'd used for a very non-trivial portion of my splatting career.

I don't suppose y'all have ever experienced anything similar?


Inkster Jr.
Jun 12, 2023
I've only played the game for a few months but my story is that I used to play the reef-lux religiously, not for missile spamming/ painting but usually to hit and run. I'd flank or run in and one-shot whoever I could find with the charge shot, and and then make a beeline out with curling bomb if things got hairy

I got the reef-lux to 4 stars within 2 weeks, but then I found the squiffer. It took some time for me to fall in love with it, but with its longer range and more consistent one shots, it quickly became my new main. It didn't hurt that it required me to play more safely, because my hit-and-run tactics weren't as useful in higher ranks. I put down the reef-lux and never picked it up again.

...Anyways, a month later and I'm maining the bamboozler. I don't even know how it happened honestly, I would always say "I could never play the bamboozler, requiring 2 snipes to kill is ridiculous," and then one day it suddenly became my most played weapon.

In other games where I'd main an option and switch off of it, I used to mourn letting it go, but at some point in my life that just sort of stopped. It does feel like breaking loyalty in a way, but honestly I find myself more excited than regretful whenever I find something new. It's just more to learn and explore and have fun with. And if I'm having more fun with the new weapon than I did with the old one, that's simply a good thing, yeah? I do switch mains a lot but I think it's more of a good thing than a bad thing for me honestly, just keeps the excitement and novelty of a game high for me.

I hope you have fun with ballpoint though, and hydra is always gonna be there if you find yourself wanting to play it again.

XOR Lando

Jun 29, 2023
Playing other weapons is fun and important in competitive. It can help to understand the pros and cons of the new weapons you try and the old weapon you have. You can learn the weakness of other weapons, such as the range, capacity, positioning of another weapon ie an e liter.

I mained splattershot pro and thought it was really good until I got to the higher levels and couldn’t win with it. So I switched weapons to the 50 gal and did really well with that. I learned that the 50 gal 2-shots but wasn’t good on accuracy and had decent ink capacity.

i missed having the accuracy of the splattershot Pro so I went back and understood the weakness a bit better since I was running out of ink quicker (being used to the 50 gals) and compensated with AP and then better ink management.


Pro Squid
Apr 4, 2018
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I want to be a Splat Roller main eventually and take it to the top of X rank. For now I'll just take getting back into A rank and improving. I know ProChara claims the Curling Bomb and Big Bubbler aren't that good and he's a pro, but I want to try to show that off meta weapons can be viable too.

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